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Your planets are blue . Your enemies will be represented by different colors . Each planet can produce a certain number of ships per year, depending on a planet's class.The higher a planet's class, the more ships it will produce each year, and the more valuable it is.

The goal of the game is to capture your opponents' planets. You must capture a certain number of planets to win the game.

Galactic Conquest Legend

Your planets.

Ships that your planets produce each year.

Fortifications used for defense.

Radar used to detect enemy movements.

A ship group.

Plagued planets will lose ships.

Planet evacuation is wise.

Your race identifier.

Ships are a planet's main resource and can be used for different things. They can be sent off to other planets to try to capture them. They can be melted down and turned into fortifications . Or they can be welded together to build radar towers .

When attacking another planet, you will need to first eliminate all of an opponent's ships and fortifications in order to take it over. Once you capture a planet, it will start producing ships for you the next turn. The more planets you own, the more ships you will get per turn.

Attacking a planet gives a small bonus to your attack fleet. However, you must be careful about attacking a planet with fortifications.

You can fortify a planet with ships. Fortifications give a bonus for defense. For instance, if you spend 3 ships on it, it might be worth 4 ships on defense. Spending money on fortifications helps defense, but also slows your empire's expansion rate.

You can fortify a planet up to a limit, depending on the class size.

Radar is useful for detecting enemy movements. You can upgrade radar once per turn for a cost. When radar is installed on a planet, you will be able to see enemy shipgroups within a certain range of the planet. Any planets within radar range will also be visible to you - you can see class, ship numbers, fortifications etc.

Planets with a larger class can have a higher level or radar installed.

Each planet you capture will reveal adjacent planets within range. You can also upgrade radar on a planet to discover planets that aren't currently revealed.

Planets that have been revealed are on your radar, but you won't know much about them. Planets that you have landed ships on will reveal the planet class. And planets that are currently visible will show everything about a planet.

Scout ships are classified as a single ship sent to a planet. Scout ships travel at double speed. If you send ships to a planet, it will be visible for that turn. This makes it useful to send scout ships to planets to determine which ones have weaknesses and which ones do not.

Research is only available from a ringed planet, and can only be researched once per turn.

Ship Speed: You can upgrade your ship speed to reach planets faster. Attack: You can upgrade your ship attack power. EG, if you send 10 ships and your attack power is 1.1, your final ship group will be 10x1.1=11 ships. Fortifications: Each fortification is worth this many ships.

Expanding quickly will increase your ship production. Fortifying and protecting key planets is important for maintaining map control. Scouting often to keep tabs on your enemies are vital to making good strategic decisions. Good luck!

Click here for QuickStart Tutorial.

How it started
You are
Bob. You work in a cubicle in the Engineering department on the planet X14 in a small corner of the Magellanic Cloud galaxy. Your rocket designs for fast attack ships are some of the most popular in the galaxy. But you've started to get carpal tunnel from typing so much and you want a raise. You decide you want to make a life change, and you're going to use what you know. You're going to conquer the galaxy.

You are now Bobturius. Your mission is to conquer the galaxy ...