Montana Solitaire Rules

The goal of Montana Solitaire is to get all cards in sequence.

The game starts by dealing out 52 cards onto the table. Kings are then removed from the board, leaving 4 open spaces.

Cards can be moved into open spaces only if they are in sequence with the card before the open space. So for instance, if the sequence is 2 of spades, *blank*, then the 3 of spades can be moved into the open slot. Click on the 3 of spades. Now a new slot is opened and the next card can be moved into the space.

If a space is opened directly after a queen, that space is closed, and no longer available to move a card into. If you move the queen, these spaces will then be open.

If all spaces are filled and you can no longer move, you must then shuffle the deck.

When shuffling the deck, only cards that are not in the proper sequence are shuffled. Cards that you have already placed in sequence will remain.

The maximum number of shuffles you get will be 3. If you can no longer move and you can no longer shuffle, the game is over.

If you manage to get all cards in sequence you win!