Tags used in conjunction with the Use Listed button make a powerful study combination. Tags are search keywords associated with a file. For example, if you create 3 vocab words card files with associated tags     

cardsetA      french verbs ir     
cardsetB      french verbs er     
cardsetC      french nouns

If you search cards with the tags "french", you will include all cards from all files. If you search cards with "french verbs", or "fre ve", you will get cards from cardsetA and cardsetB. Now click the Use Listed button in the upper right. Only the cards in the current list will be used.

This makes it easy to study for just a french verbs test, or study all french cards from the entire year!

You can access test modes under the My Cards list (Android users press the menu button).

Preview: Shows a quick list of all cards in the set.

Skim: Skim will simply flip cards until there are no cards left.

Medium: Medium will flip through cards, but repeats cards that you get wrong.

Thorough: Thorough attempts to help you learn a large number of cards at once - eg. studying for a final exam. The card pile will be cycled through in larger and larger chunks. Problem cards are repeated often, and cards that you continue to get right will eventually be hidden.

Test: Test flips through all the cards once and tells you how you did.

An easy way to help students get started studying is by creating some pre-made card sets.

  1. First create an account.
  2. Create some card sets.
  3. Give your email to your students.
  4. Have your students create an account.
  5. Have your students add your email to their friends list.
  6. Have your students download your cardsets to study.
  7. Have your students use the web sync functionality to always keep the cardsets up to date.
  8. Have your students create and share their own card sets!

To share card sets you have created on the web with someone else:

  1. Give your username or email to that person.
  2. In the mobile app, or online, have that person add you to their friends list.
  3. Now all of your public card sets are easily accessible on the mobile device!
You can use your device to synchronize cards from the web. Note that you can only sync down from the website to your device, not up from your device to the website.

  1. First you must create some cards on the website.
  2. Next on your device, choose one of the browse options at Card Management->Browse ...
  3. Download and save the card set.
  4. Now edit those cards on the website again (eg, add a new card).
  5. Next on your device, go to Card Management->Sync Cards.
  6. This will show you a list of cards that have been updated.
  7. Click the sync button.
  8. Note that you can download cards others have made and keep them automatically synced. Also note that if you edit any of these card sets directly on your device, they will no longer sync (to avoid overwriting your changes).
Did you buy a new phone? Do you have multiple device you want to keep in sync? See below for an easy way to manage this.

  1. Create an online account on https://freezingblue.com/flashcards/. This is your "master" account where all card changes are made.
  2. Have you already created cardsets on your phone? Transfer them to the website.
    • Go to Card Management and email all of your cardsets to yourself.
    • Then save the attachments to your computer.
    • Login to your website account and upload each of the cardsets on your computer and save them.
  3. Or create a new cardset on the website.
  4. Now on your mobile device, go to Card Management -> My Cards
  5. Download and save the card set.
  6. The cardset you just downloaded to your mobile is now linked to the one on the web. To make changes:
    • Now edit those cards on the website again (eg, add a new card).
    • Next on your device, go to Card Management->Sync Cards.
    • See that the cardset on your mobile device now has the update you just made.
  7. You can create a new cardset on the website and keep it synced using the process above.

Note: if you edit any of these card sets directly on your device, they will no longer sync (to avoid overwriting your changes). Only make edits on the website version.
Note: you can download cards others have made and keep them automatically synced.
Images can only be inserted through the web interface. There are 2 options for inserting images- embedding the image directly, and inserting links only.

Embedding images directly results in larger files, but you do not need an internet connection to view them.
Inserting links allows larger files, but you will need to download the image from the internet each time it is accessed.

To insert an image, when creating cards, select the Insert->Insert Image menu item.

If you are using Internet Explorer, images do not always work. I suggest Firefox or Chrome.

To use folders, create a comma separated list in the Folders section.

Example: science,biology

This will automatically put your card set into the folder science, and then into the subfolder biology, etc. To turn on/off viewing of folders, go to the Settings->Show Folders option.

To edit a card set on the web after you have saved a set - click the drop down arrow next to the card set name. Then select Edit Card Set.

If you have accidentally created cards Anonymously, you can log into your account, then selected Edit Card Set on the set you want to edit, and then Save the set. This will assign the set to your account.

To edit a card set on your mobile device, select Card Management from the main screen and then Edit Cards.

To transfer cards for either backup on your computer, move from the free to paid version, or give to friends, follow the steps below.

iOS (Android see below)

  1. Note: How this works is that your device starts a small file transfer server. You are then connecting your computer to your device, the "server". If you have trouble connecting, see the steps below.
  2. First pull up the Card Management->Transfer Cards menu.
  3. On your computer, enter the address displayed into the address bar of your browser and press Enter.
  4. If successful, you can follow the instructions on the web page.
  5. To move the file to a different device: on the new device, go to Card Management->Transfer Cards menu.
  6. Now follow the same process as above, only Upload the files instead of download.
  7. If you cannot connect:
    • You must keep the transfer screen open.
      • If the phone screen goes dark (ie power save) you will not be able to connect.
    • You may be blocked by a school/work firewall. You will have to try on a different network.
    • Sometimes a hard reboot of the device helps. Hold the power button down until the device reboots.
    • Double check your spelling.


  1. First pull up the Card Management->Transfer Cards menu.
  2. Select Export.
  3. Next connect your USB cable to your device and mount your sdcard so you can copy files.
  4. On your home computer, navigate to iFlashcards/export and copy the files there to your computer.
  5. -------------
  6. To import, first mount your sdcard on your computer.
  7. Drop a copy of your files into the folder iFlashcards/import.
  8. On the device, unmount your sdcard from your computer.
  9. Open the flashcards app and select Card Management->Transfer Cards.
  10. Select Import
  11. Note that your cards must be in the proper format or they will not be imported properly. See format notes above.
You can make cards private on the website by creating an account. Then when you are editing a cardset, click the Info tab and then use the Private checkbox.

If you have used this app and decided to pay for it, thanks!

You can transfer card sets from the free version to the paid version by following these steps.

  1. Transfer the cards from the free app to your PC. See the section on Transferring Cards
  2. Once you have the card files on your PC, now reverse the process, and transfer the cards from your PC onto the paid app.
  3. Once you have made sure that all of your cards are in the paid app, you can now delete the free app.
If you have a web account, you don't need to do the transfers above - you can just redownload all of the card sets from the web again.

To delete cards on the website you no longer want, click the dropdown arrow and select Delete Card Set button.

To delete cards on your device, go to Card Management->Delete Card Sets.

Sorry, I don't have the card set you are looking for. This site is just for you to create your own card sets for study. I don't keep track of the card sets.
If you want to use foreign characters (non-ASCII), you need to upload your card sets in UTF8. For instance, if you are in Notepad, go to the Save As dialog and save as a text file, and set the Encoding to UTF8.
You can add calculus formulas by clicking the icon. You can see additional symbols here, here and here.

See examples below:

Equation Examples
x + y - a \times b \cdot c

2^n \times 2_x

\sum_{k=1}^n k = \frac{n(n+1)}{2}
\max_{0\le x\le 1}x(1-x)=1/4

x = \frac{-b \pm \sqrt {b^2-4ac}}{2a}

Flashcards with multiple choice answers can be automatically scrambled for you. It requires nothing special - just type in your question, your choices, and your answer - and it will automatically be scrambled.

For example, in the easy editor, enter the part in blue as the question. Enter the part in red as the answer:

What is 4x5?

a) 5
b) 10
c) 15
d) 20
e) 25
d) 20

The answer is 4+4+4+4+4.
What is your favorite color?
a. red
b. green
c. blue
c. My favorite color is blue.

That's the name of the website!
What is your name?

(A) My name is Dan.
(B) My name is David.
(C) My name is Dale.

Bonus: what's my last name?
(B) My name is David, last name Skelly.

If your card is not being scrambled, and you want it to be, read below for the format it must be in. The card must match a very specific (but flexible) format, so cards that only cards that should be scrambled, are. I've put up some example cards, ID 1000, you can download. Or you can take a look at user happyedi253, who has done many multiple choice cards.

  • The setting Settings->Auto Format Cards must be on.
  • The choice list must contain at least 3 choices.
  • The choice list must start with one of these formats: a) a. (a) or a
  • The very first characters of the answer must be the correct answer with in the same format as the list. For example if your list is a), your answer must be a).
  • The very first characters of the answer and the list cannot contain colors or styles.
  • Questions with the words All of the above or None of the above are not scrambled.
  • If a question has been scrambled, there is a notice put at the bottom of the answer (this multiple choice question has been scrambled)
  • If the card does not meet all of the conditions above, then the card will not be scrambled.
Auto Format Cards:
Auto format cards does a couple things:
  • If the question and answer is small enough, it will automatically center them and change the font size. This is so you can study vocab next to your large questions easily.
  • Answers with multiple lines in a row will automatically be put into a bullet list.
  • If your answer is in a bullet list and your answer contains a colon, space [: ], the part before the colon will be bolded for you. This makes it easy to type up definition lists.
  • If your answer appears to be multiple choice, the answer may be automatically scrambled for you. See the section on Multiple Choice for more information.
If you are interested in creating your own text files for easy import, or you want to see how the cards are stored, this is the format:

The files themselves must be plain text files, UTF8. The format of the cards is a question line, followed by an answer line (or lines), followed by a blank line to indicate a new question. See the example below..
This is question 1.
This is answer 1.

This is question 2.
This is answer 2.
This is part of answer 2.

This is question 3.
This is answer 3.

You can also use <question></question> and <answer></answer> tags to create questions on more than 1 line or answers that have blank lines.
This is question 1.
This is part of question 1.
This is answer 1.

This is question 2.
This is answer 2.

This is part of answer 2.

This is question 3.
This is answer 3.

This website is created for users to upload and share their own card sets or cardsets that they have permission to redistribute.

If you are the copyright owner or representative of someone who owns the copyright and wish to have content removed from the website, please send a DMCA takedown request to support@freezingblue.com.

A DMCA takedown request contains information similar to this request: http://www.ipwatchdog.com/2009/07/06/sample-dmca-take-down-letter/id=4501/

Please provide direct links to content to be taken down. Example link: https://www.freezingblue.com/flashcards/print_preview.cgi?cardsetID=1.

If content is found to be infringing, the content will be disabled on the website for all users (except for the original account that created it) and removed from search engine indexes.