1. The isntrument classification used to determine the method of sterilization and disnfection are?
    critical, semicritical, noncritical
  2. What type of PPE is necessary when one is processing instruments?
  3. The basic rule of workflow pattern in an instrument-processing area is?
  4. If instruments cannot be processed immediately, what should be done with them?
    the y should be placed in a holding solution
  5. Which are the methods of precleaning instruments?
    • -hand scrubbing
    • -ultrasonic cleaning
    • -thermal washer
    • -disinfector
  6. Which method of precleaning instruments is LEAST desirable?
    hand scrubbing
  7. The ultrasonic cleaner works by?
    sound waves
  8. Kitchen dishwashers cannot be used to preclean instrumenst because they are
    not FDA approved
  9. Rusting of instruments can be pevented by
    use of proper wrapping
  10. Instruments should be packaged for sterilization to?
    maintain sterility
  11. Which is a reason why pins, staples, and paper clips are not used on instrument packaging?
    they will cause holes in the packaging
  12. Which is a form of sterilization monitoring?
    • -physical
    • -chemical
    • -biologic
  13. Where do you place a process indicator?
    outside the package
  14. Another term for spore testing is?
    biologic monitoring
  15. Do multi-parameter indicators ensure that the item is sterile?
  16. What is the best way to determine whether sterilization has occurred?
    Use biologic monitoring
  17. What causes sterilization failures?
    • -improper contact of sterilization
    • -improper temperature
    • -overloading of sterilizer
  18. what are commonly used forms of heat sterilization?
    • -steam
    • -chemical vapor
    • -dry heat
  19. What is a primary disadvantage of "flash" sterilization?
    inability to wrap items
  20. What is a major advantage of chemical vapor sterilization?
    sterilizing time is faster
  21. An example of dry heat sterilization is?
    static air
  22. How do you rinse instruments that have been processed in a liquid chemical sterilant?
    with sterile water
  23. How do you prepare a high-speed handpiece for sterlization?
    Flush water through it
  24. What type of heat sterilization is appropiate for high-speed handpieces?
    • -steam
    • -chemical vapor
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