CMT2 Whiplash

  1. What is the definition of whiplash?
    An acceleration-deceleration injury to the head and neck.
  2. CAD
    Cervical acceleration/deceleration injury
  3. What type of collision results in more long-term symptoms?
    Rear impact
  4. WAD
    Whiplash associated disorder
  5. Four stages of rear-impact whiplash
    • Phase 1- get taller, compression
    • Phase 2- neck in hyperextension, facet joints get compressed
    • Phase 3- peak forward acceleration
    • Phase 4- neck/head hyperflexion
  6. At what phase of whiplash are the anterior neck muscles and ligaments overstretched?
    Phase 2
  7. What factors can influence the severity of a rear-impact whiplash?
    • Head position
    • Seat back position
    • Persons' height
  8. When will a person begin to feel pain with whiplash?
    24-48 hours after accident
  9. During the acute stage, what type of testing should be done?
  10. What type of treatment is indicated for direct work over whiplash injure site during acute phase?
    Lymphatic drainage technique
  11. What positions are indicated with someone with a chronic case of whiplash?
    • Supine
    • Prone
    • Sidelying
  12. At what stage of whiplash can cross-fiber frictions be applied to a specific injury site?
    Late subacute/chronic
  13. When should a whiplash treatment plan be totally reassessed?
    After 6 weeks
  14. Three causes of whiplash
    • Motor vehicle accident (MVA)
    • Contact sport collision
    • Falls
  15. If injury is acute (up to 72 hours) do not remove...
    protective spasming.
  16. Should a therapist use long muscle stripping on the anterior or lateral neck?
    No; due to endangerment sites
  17. Whiplash treatment modifications
    • If acute- don't remove protective spasming
    • Don't sue long muscle stripping on anterior or lateral neck due to endangerments
    • Avoid extreme stretches
    • Never work neck bilaterally at the same time
    • Adjust for medication
    • Cross-fiber work on muscle tissue is donw with muscle in a slack position- legaments and tendons are held taut
    • Document well as a lawyer may become involved.
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