Fire Suppression

  1. When a certain kind of firefighting attack is successful, the fire can be controlled with the least amount of property damage. What kind of
    attack is this?

    A. Offensive
  2. Small handlines are those up to ________ diameter, in inches.

    D. 2
  3. Under what circumstances can one fire fighter control a large handline?

    C. When it is well-anchored
  4. What is the largest flow in gallons per minute that a master stream device can generate?

    B. 2000 or more
  5. Why is it necessary to limit how low an elevation angle a portable monitor device can be set to?

    A. If set too low, the reactionary force would make the monitor unstable.
  6. What is it called when two groups of fire fighters are operating hose lines against each other?

    D. Opposing hose lines
  7. What is the relevance of water being divided into droplets with a very large surface area in a fog stream?

    B. That pattern absorbs heat efficiently.
  8. What is another term for a deck gun?

    D. Turret pipe
  9. When directing the flow of water from the nozzle during a combination attack, where should the flow of water first be directed?

    B. Upper left corner of the fire
  10. How should fire fighters approach a vehicle fire?
    45-degree angle
  11. What hazards do batteries present to fire fighters?
    Sulfuric acid
  12. How should fire be fought on fully involved alternative fuel vehicles?
    Unmanned master stream
  13. A spill, pool, or open container of liquid that is burning only on the top surface is known as a ________ fire.

    D. two-dimensional
  14. 65. The best method to prevent a BLEVE is to direct the heavy stream of water ________.

    C. at the point of flame impingement
  15. When necessary, approach a flammable gas fire with ________.

    B. Two 1.75hose lines, from the side
  16. What needs to happen when the gas or electrical service to a structure is turned off for firefighting operations?
    Apply lockout tag
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