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  1. the word nursing comes from:
    ancient latin word - nutricitus: meaning nourishing
  2. in ancient times what did health alterations thought to be caused by
    evil spirits
  3. in ancient era which king wrote a code of law to protect the ill
    babylonian king- hammurabi
  4. who is referred to as the father of medicine
  5. what ethical oath do physicians take
    hippocratic oath
  6. what were hippocrates greatest contributions
    • 1. make a written reconrd of health care practices
    • 2. remove mythical practices of healthcare
  7. where was the first school of nursing located
    kaiserworth germany (1836)
  8. who is incharge of improving prison healthcare and the development of psychiatric hospitals
    dorothea dix
  9. who developed the first format for nursing charting and was appointed superintendant after 1 year of school
    linda richards
  10. who fought for licensing exams and registration, and was also the first principal at john hopkins university
    isabelle hampton robb
  11. who was considered the angel of the battlefield that treated the wounded on both sides; first president of the red cross
    clara barton
  12. who is considered the mother of modern nursing, and was famous for the crimean war;established the first formal school of nursing
    florence nightingale
  13. where and when was the first training for LPA offered
    1892 @ the YWCA (young womens christian association) in new york city
  14. what is nightengale philosophy
    treat the patient rather than the illness
  15. what are the 5 current trends and issues that need to be recognized
    • 1. lethal viruses
    • 2. terrorism
    • 3. cultural diversity
    • 4. telehealth
    • 5. nursing shortage
  16. what is the mosr common devastating virus
  17. how is HIV transmitted
    through bodily fluid contact
  18. is HIV a chronic disease
  19. is DM a chronic disease
  20. a virus carried by rodents or rodent droppings and does not spread from person to person
  21. what is one obvious barrier to healthcare delivery
  22. a ophisticated way to use technology to improve diagnosis and healthcare conditions
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