Biology Test

  1. Carpels are?
    The ovule-producing reproductive organ of a flower, consisting of the stigma, style, and ovary.
  2. Waht are Cones?
    A cone-shaped cell in the retina of the vertebrate eye, sensitive to color.
  3. Dioecious are what?
    Haveing the male reproductive parts on different individuals on the same species.
  4. Dicots are what?
    2 embryonic seed leaves ( cotyledons). horizontal leaf veins.
  5. What is double fertilization?
    A mechinism of fertilization in an angiosperm in which 2 sperm cells unite with 2 cells in the female gametophyte (embryo sac) to form the zygote and endosperm.
  6. What is an Endosperm?
    In angiosperms, it is a butrient rich tissue formed by a union of a sperm with 2 polar nuclei during double fertilization.
  7. Flower is what?
    in an angiosperm, a short stem with up to 4 sets of modified leaves, bearing structures that function in sexual reproduction.
  8. Fruit is what?
    A mature ovary of a flower.
  9. What are Gymnosperms?
    VAscular plant that bears naked seeds; which are seeds not enclosed in specialized chambers.
  10. Heterosporous is what
    • (plant) has 2 kinds of spores:
    • microspores; which develop into female gametophytes
  11. Megasporangia is what?
    spore from a heterosporous plant species that develops into a female gametophyte.
  12. What is Microsporangia?
    spore from a heterosporous plant species that develops into the male gametophyte
  13. what is a monocot?
    Member of a clade consisting of flowering plants that have one embryonic seed leaf ( cotyledon)
  14. Whats an Ovule?
    structure that develops in an ovary of a seed plant and contains the female gametophyte.
  15. petal is what... DUH
    modified leaf of a floering plant. attract insects and pollinators (beas)
  16. pollen tube is what
    a tube formed after germination of the pollen grain that funtions in the delivery of sperm to the ovule.
  17. Sepals are what?
    modified leaf in an angiosperm that helps enclose and protect a flower bud before it opens.
  18. Stamens are?
    Pollen producing reproductive organ of a flower, consists of anther and a filament
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