1. When is an employee allowed to view their own personnel file?
    Whenever they wish to
  2. As required by the Immigration Reform and Control Act, all employees hired on or after November 7, 1986 must complete Form ___________ to verify their employment eligibility status.
  3. "By law, a ""hard laborer"" may not be younger than _________ years old."
  4. Ms. Gomez applies for a job. Of the following, the only reason an employer may lawfully deny her employment is:
    She has no work experience or Social Security number
  5. A contractor has had a problem with employees stealing tools and equipment from job sites. When conducting job interviews, may the contractor ask prospective employees about their arrest records?
    It is ot legal to ask prospective employees about arrests not leading to convictions.
  6. Who must sign a joint control addendum to a home improvement contract?
    owner, contractor, and joint control officer
  7. A contractor entered into a home improvement contract for more than $500 with Mrs. Swenson to remodel her kitchen and bathroom. The contract calls for a down payment before work is to begin. According to the Business and Professions Code, how much may the contractor accept from Mrs. Swenson as down payment for the work?
    The down payment is limited to $1,000.00 or 10% of the toal price, whichever is less.
  8. When should you let your attorney see a construction contract?
    After the contract is prepared, but before you sign it.
  9. If a sales presentation is made in Spanish, the home solicitation contract:
    must be in Spanish
  10. A contractor and a homeowner sign a home solicitation contract. If the owner lawfully cancels teh contract, how long does the contractor have to pick up unused materials that were delivered to the owner's property?
    within 20 days after cancellation
  11. Of the following, which is best for determining the number of hours required for different phases of a project and for making sure teh job is on schedule?
    critical path method
  12. Who is responsible for checking the site before the building inspector arrives?
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