1. What is the capacity of the ammunition storage magazine?
    1110 rds
  2. The internal auxillary fuel system (IAFS) incorporates a 100 gallon fuel tank and an ammunition storage magazine capable of holding appoxiamately _____ rounds and ______ in the AHS for approxiamately a 300 round capability.
    242, 58
  3. What are the 2 ways ammunition can be loaded through the side loader?
    individual or 11 round strips
  4. When ammunition is loaded using the side loader, there is approxiamately _____ round space between the side loader and the gun.
  5. What is the color of the projectile on the M789 high explosive dual purpose (HEDP) round?
    black projectile, yellow band, yellow lettering
  6. What is the fragmentation radius of the M789 HEDP round projectile?
    4 m
  7. The M789 can penetrate 2 inches of RHA at ______ meters.
  8. What is the color of the M788 (TP) round?
    blue with white stripe and lettering, aluminum nosepiece
  9. What 2 types of 30mm ammo is used for firing?
    M788 and M789
  10. In the event of low hydraulic fluid or pressure and/or the loss of electrical power, the stow spring will position the gun cradle and gun to what position in elevation?
    + 11 degrees
  11. What are the azimuth and elevation limits of the gun turret assembly while on the ground with the GND ORIDE button selected ON?
    • Azimuth: 86 degrees L/R centerline
    • Elevation: +9 w/in 10 L/R centerline
    • +11 from 10 L/R centerline to 86
    • and depression - 6.45 (- 60 depression off squat switch
  12. What is the maximum range of the M230E1 automatic gun?
  13. What component drives the gun bolt assembly to the open-bolt position after using dynamic braking?
    drive motor
  14. What is the maximum ballistic solution of the M230E1 automatic gun?
    4200 m
  15. What is the cyclic rate of fire for the M230E1 automatic gun?
    625 + 25 rpm
  16. What is the gun duty cycle of the M230E1 automatic gun?
    • 6 50 rd bursts, with 5 secs in between bursts, followed by 10 min cool down
    • no more than 300 rds w/in 60 secs
  17. What processor provides constraints processing for weapon performance and safety inhibits?
  18. What processes the bolt position status data from the Gun Control Box (GCB) to derive rounds decrement during firing?
    turret control box
  19. You are in the pilot crewstation and the CPG actions the gun; what indication will you see in your HAD and in what status field?
    CGUN (weapons control)
  20. Which crewstation can conduct the GUN DYNAMIC HARMONIZATION?
  21. You are in the CPG crewstation, and you action the gun; will the checkerboard pattern be applied to the pilot WPN page ARM/SAFE status window?
  22. The fixed mode places the gun _____ degrees in azimuth and ______ degrees in elevation.
    0, +0.87
  23. If the round count in the GUN icon is incorrect, how do you input the proper rounds count?
    Load maintenance panel or WPN UTIL LOAD page
  24. Can you confirm your selected sight on the FCR page?
    yes, sight select status
  25. What will be displayed in the HAD weapon inhibit field during weapons training mode (WTM)?
  26. When the Weapons Training Mode (WTM) is selected, the armament subsystem will adopt a simulated weapon inventory of _____ rounds for the 30 mm.
  27. Gun dynamic harmonization mode is available to the CPG to improve the accuracy of the 30 mm, the CPG places TADS (NFOV) on a target between ______ to ______ meters.
    500 - 1500, accurate range within 10m
  28. What are the 4 types of ballistics that affect helicopter-fired weapons?
    • interior
    • exterior
    • aerial
    • terminal
  29. The gunner must compensate for lead angle compensation when using which of the available sights?
    HMD, because the WP does not provide TSE algorithm
  30. What effect does the combination of trajectory shift and projectile shift produce?
    port-starboard effect
  31. How much compensation is required for projectile jump when firing from a hover?
    none, except if a relative wind exists
  32. The gun is inhibited for _____ after a missile or rocket launch.
    2 seconds
  33. What is the weapon inhibit status field message that indicates range or other engagement parameters exceed the ballistics processing capability of the system?
  34. If missiles are selected, and the priority missile is on the inboard launcher, the WP limits the guns firing azimuth to ____ on that side.
    52 degrees
  35. If rockets are selected, and the selected rocket type is in the inboard launcher, the WP limits the gun azimuth to ______.
    60 degrees
  36. How can performance inhibits be overridden?
    2nd detent weapons trigger
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