Virology Coronavirus

  1. Coronovirus's virion is ________.
    coiled helical nucleocapsid with a spherical envelop
  2. Coronavirus's envelope is characterized by ________.
    clubbed spikes
  3. Coronavirus's genome is _________.
    linear (+) ssRNA
  4. Coronavirus's genome includes ________.
    a 5' cap and poly A tail
  5. Coronavirus Replicase genes are _________.
    Tnl directly from genome RNA in read in two open reading frames joined by frameshift and tnl as a polyprotein.
  6. Coronavirus other genes are Tnl from _________.
    multiple 3' subgenomic mRNA's
  7. Coronavirus's diseases include ______.
    • SARS
    • Common cold
  8. Coronavirus's distinct characteristics include _____, _______, ________, ___________.
    • Largest known RNA genome
    • Large replicase polprotein cleaved by viral proteinases to many fxnl prot.
    • Subgenomic mRNAs made by discontinuous trx mechanism
    • Error -prone RNA polymerase and high rate of RNA recombination result in rapid adaptation and changes in host range/disease
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Virology Coronavirus
Virology Coronavirus