CHp. 5-10

  1. Allegory
    A work in which the characters and events are to be understood as representing other things and symbically expressing a deeper, often spiritual, moral, or political meaning
  2. Propaganda
    Deceptiveor distorted information that is systematically spread
  3. Arable
    Suitable for growing crops
  4. Abolished
    Outlaw something
  5. Canvassing
    Visit somebody to solicit something
  6. Innovations
    New Idea or method
  7. Quarry
    Open area for mining
  8. Restive
    Uneasy, impatient
  9. Silage
    Animal feed
  10. Capitulated
    Surrender, especially under agreed conditions
  11. Turmult
    Noisy comotion
  12. Retribution
    Punishment for something someone has done
  13. Nocturnal
    At night, active at night
  14. Beatifically
    Blissfully, of heavenly happiness
  15. Conciliatory
    Appeasing, peace-making
  16. Primitive
    First, with simple technological development; developmentally early
  17. Poultices
    Moist substance applied to injury
  18. Supernnauted
    Retired, worn out
  19. Gill
    Breathing organ of fish
  20. Rheumy
    A watery discharge for eyes or nose
  21. Filial
    Or children to parents
  22. Frugally
    Characterized by thriftness and avoidance of waste
  23. Bon Mots
    A clever remark; witticism
  24. Malignant
    Wanting to do evil
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