English Oliver Twist

  1. Who wrote oliver twist?
    charles dickens
  2. when was otwist set, and in what era?
    • 1830-1840's
    • Victorian era
  3. foil
    2 characters in the same work who are similar, but marked by their contrast
  4. juxtapose
    to place side by side, especially for comparison or contrast
  5. why is fagin worse than sikes?
    he's a tempter- damns others too.
  6. fence
    go between (fagin sells the stolen goods)
  7. when was the restoration?
  8. did the restoration favor fiction or nonfiction?
  9. what kind of nonfiction was in the restoration?
    diaries, social treatises, biographies, 1st dictionary, literary criticism
  10. what kind of fiction was in the restoration?
    • satire
    • mock epics
  11. characteristics of the restoration
    • realistic
    • favors logic and reason over imagination
    • herioc couplet poetry
    • math/science discoveries- Newton
  12. what kind of poetry was in the restoration?
    herioc couplets
  13. heroic couplet
    • rhymed iambic pentameter
    • heroic praises to real people
  14. What began the restoration?
    • 1660- restoration of the monarchy (Charles II)
    • less power
  15. Glorious revolution
    • 1688- James II (Charles brother) tried to assert Catholicism
    • drove him out
    • all rulers must be protestant
  16. joint rulers of England
    william and mary
  17. German king of England
    king George
  18. London, 1665
    • great plague
    • 1/3 of the lives of London
  19. what ended the great plague?
    1666- London fire
  20. How did the restoration end?
    1798- publication of lyrical ballads
  21. Pepys Diary written in
    shorthand (not code)
  22. regicide
    execution of a king
  23. why don't we recognize the satire in A Modest Proposal?
    • detail
    • sincere in wanting to help his country
    • identifies himself as reasonable
    • identifies a solution to a real problem
  24. the restoration is also known as
    • the age of pope
    • alexander pope- literary criticism
  25. Who wrote A Modest Proposal?
    Johnathan Swift
  26. epic poems
    • long
    • narrative
    • larger than life hero
    • grand eloquent language
    • reflects the traditional values of the culture it represents

    • Paradise Lost
    • Beowulf
    • Fairy Queen
  27. Mock epic
    useas the grand, eloquent language for a perfectly ordinary hero with ordinary events
  28. principle tool of satirists
    • exaggeration
    • take something serious and juxtapose it with something trivial (The Rape of the Lock)
  29. exaggeration in Rape of the Lock
    • card game becomes a war
    • lock cute- battle
    • hair as a prize
    • hair cut- dying
  30. 3 women poets of the restoration
    • lady mary chudleigh
    • lady mary wortley montagu
    • hannah more
  31. salvery, a poem
    • hannah more
    • "conquest is pillige with a nobler name"
  32. Dryden
    • criticism
    • first to call Chaucer "Father of english lit"
    • microcosm
  33. epigram
    short, notable, witty phrase (Pope)
  34. Johnson's dictionary
    • Sam Johnson
    • 1st dictionary
    • pronuciation- puts marks after the first vowel in the stress
    • social satire- scottish, satirizing them (oats)
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