CFI Pharm exam 3

  1. Explain Diuretics: What do they do?
    Excrete water and sodium in urine. Decrease blood volume and increase BP
  2. Explain Cardio Selective and Non Selective Beta Blockers
    Non Selective blocks both Beat1(cardiac muscle) and Beta2(smoothe muscle)

    Cardio Selective blocks Epi at Beta1 in the heart
  3. Channel Blockers Ca+
    Block movment of Calcium into cardiac muscle and smooth muscle. (Lower heart, dilates arteries, Lowers Blood pressure)
  4. ACE Inhibitors and ARB's
    ACE Inhibitors-Block enzyme that converts angiotensin I to angiotensin II

    ARB's-Block angiotensin II from sticking to receptor which causes vasodiation. Decreases BP
  5. Define Hyperlipidemia
    ncreased level of cholesterol and increased triglycerides. Major factor of atherosclerosis
  6. What is another name for Statin's? What are some examples?
    • HMG-CoA Reductase Inhibitors
    • Lipitor, Zocar
  7. List 4 generic names of Beta Blockers.
    • Examples:
    • Atenolol
    • Metrodolol
    • Nadolol
    • Proponal
  8. What happens in Right Sided Heart Failure?
    Causes blood to back up from Right Ventricle - Venous System. May result in liver enlargments and edema in exteremites
  9. What happens in Left Side Heart Failure?
    Causes blood to back up from the left Ventricle to the pulmonary circulatory system. May result in pulmonary edema
  10. Type of Drugs used for CHF
    • Digitalis drugs
    • ACE Inhibitors
    • ARB
  11. Generic name for Cardizem
  12. What is Angina?
    Ischemic Chest Pain
  13. What does Nitroglycerin do?
    Dilate coronary vessels, dilate systemic vessels, Decrease BP, Decrease afterload, Decrease preload, (Most common used Nitrate drug)
  14. What do Broncho dilator drugs treat?
    Asthma and pulmonary disease
  15. What happens with Myocardial Infarction (MI)?
    Myocardium dies on a cellular level and it can not be reversed.
  16. Atropine
    First drug of choice for symptomatic brady cardia and increases heart rate.
  17. What drugs can increase or decrease contractility?
    • Positive Inotropic (increase)
    • Negative Inotropic (decrease)
  18. What drugs can increase or decrease heart rate?
    • Positive chronotropic (increase)
    • Negative chronotropic (degrease
  19. What drugs treat a hypertensive crisis?
    Beat Blockers, Calcium channel blockers, and vasodilators
  20. What do corticosteriods do?
    Suppress inflammation and swelling of the pulmonary tissue.
  21. What are anticoagulants and thrombolytics categorized as?
  22. What is TPA used to treat?
    Dissolve clots in MI and treats a stroke
  23. What type of drug is Plavix?
    Platelet Aggregation Inhibitor
  24. What is the generic name for Lovenox?
    Enixaprine and it is a heparin
  25. What drug reducues the thickness of mucas in lungs to make it easier for the patient to cough?
  26. What is Heparin measured in?
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