South Asia

  1. South Asia
    Pakistan and Bangladesh (India) today
  2. Harrapa
    • Civilization on Indus River
    • Wheat, Barley
    • Writing we can't read
    • Unicorns
    • Domesticated Chicken
    • Liked Symmetrical
    • Liked Baths, Toilets
    • Dentistry
  3. Early Indo-Europeans
    • Looking for Pasture
    • Domesticated Horse
    • Cattle
    • Tribal
    • Not literate
    • Sanskrit-holy language
    • Prakrit-everyday language
  4. Caste System
    • Brahmins (priests)
    • Kshatriyas (warriors/aristocrats)
    • Vaishyas (cultivators/artisans/merchants)
    • Shudras (landless laborers)
    • Untouchables (death/sewage)
  5. Law Book of Manu
    Says women stay home and submit to man
  6. Patriarchal
    • Only men can:
    • Get an education
    • Own property
  7. Sattee
    When husband dies, women burn themselves in fire on husband's grave. Not always her choice.
  8. Bride Burnings
    Kill wives so they can marry again and get new dowry
  9. Hinduism
    • Comes from Indus
    • Polytheistic
    • Gods are Elemental Gods: Indra (god of war, partying) and Varuna (associated with sky, uphold social and moral order)
    • Virtue was huge for them
    • Rebirth, Reincarnation, Karma
    • Try to stop cycle of reincarnation, to reach Nirvana
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South Asia
South Asia