Biology Chapter 10

  1. What are two reasons why cells divide rather than continue to grow indefinitely?
    a) The larger the cell becomes, the more demands the cell places on its DNA.

    b) The more trouble the cell has moving enough nutrients and wastes across the cell membrane.
  2. As a cell increases in size, it usually (does/does not) makes extra copies of DNA.
    The cell does not make extra copies of DNA
  3. What determines the rate at which food and oxygen in a cell are used up and waste products produced?
    The cell's volume.
  4. How can you obtain a cell's ration of surface area to volume?
    Length x Width x Number of sides.
  5. (T/F) As a cell grows in size, its volume increases much more rapidly than its surface area.
  6. What happens to a cell's ratio of surface area to volume as the cell's volume more rapidly than its surface area?
    The ratio decreases.
  7. What is cell division?
    When a cell divides into 2 daughter cells.
  8. How does cell division solve the problem of increasing in size?
    By reducing volume.
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