Vocabulary Words English

  1. To dig
    Slang: U.S. slang from the 1960s that means to like something
  2. Jumped
    Slang: to attack upon without warning; ambush; mug
  3. Rivalry
    The act of competing with, or being in opposition of, another person/group etc.
  4. Asset
    Advantage or source of strength
  5. Unfathomable
    Not capable of being understood or grasped
  6. Cautiously
  7. Sagely
    Wisely; knowingly
  8. Incredulous
    Showing and/or feeling disbelief
  9. Hesitation / to hesitate
    • A pause because of forgetfulness or
    • uncertainty
  10. Nonchalant / nonchalantly
    To act as if something is not important
  11. Hoodlum
    A rowdy, destructive young person
  12. Rebellious / rebel
    Opposing authority
  13. Rumble
    Slang: an organized fight
  14. Gallantly
    Exceptionally polite, noble, chivalrous
  15. Sophisticated
    • (A person, idea, taste, manner, etc.) Altered
    • by education or experiences so as to be worldly-wise
  16. Elite
    The best, or most select
  17. Curfew
    • A specific time in the evening when a person
    • is required to be home (imposed by authority figures)
  18. Defiant/ defiance
    • Rebellious, boldly resistant, or challenging to
    • all, including authority
  19. Apprehensive
    • To be hesitant, uneasy or fearful
    • about something that might happen
  20. Contempt
    Disapproval tinged with disgust or a feeling of superiority
  21. Self-preservation
    Protection of oneself against harm or destruction
  22. Premonition
    A strong feeling that something bad is going to happen
  23. Testify/ testimony
    To make a solemn declaration under oath (i.e. after swearing to tell the truth) for the purpose of establishing a fact (as in acourt of law)
  24. Grim
    Somber, gloomy, depressing
  25. Juvenile delinquent
    Child or adolescent who repeatedly commits crimes
  26. Manslaughter
    The unlawful killing of a human being without malice aforethought.
  27. Aghast
    Struck with overwhelming shock or amazement; filled with sudden fright or horror
  28. Social outcast
    One who is isolated from the rest of society; unpopular
  29. Numb / numbly
    Lacking feeling, either physical or emotional – “It’strue, I thought numbly, he is dying.”
  30. To blaze / blazing
    To burnbrightly or with intense feeling or passion – “We knew better than to talk to Dally when his eyes were blazing and he was in a mood like that.”
  31. Strict / strictly
    Demanding that rules concerning behavior are obeyed and observed’’You’d think you’d get awaywith murder, living with your big bother and all, but Darry’s stricterwith you than your folks were, ain’t he?’”
  32. Charity
    The voluntary giving of help, typically in the form of money, to those in need.”I wasn’ttrying to give you charity, Ponyboy. I only wanted to help.’”
  33. Supper
    The evening meal (usually the biggest meal of the day in the US)
  34. Affectionate / affectionately
    Showing attachment, love, or tenderness
  35. Cartwheel //somersault
    To turn a sideways flip on your hands, with your legs open(draw); to turn a flip over your head, facing forward
  36. Determined
    Decided and focused to reach a goal, no matter the obstacles
  37. Escort
    A group of persons, or a single person, accompanying another orothers for protection, guidance, or courtesy.
  38. Vague / vaguely
    Not clear, indefinite, or indistinct. “One day I…came across a picture that seemed vaguely familiar.”
  39. Reckless
    Completely unconcerned about the consequences of some action; without caution or care. “He had…a kind of reckless grin.”
  40. Pity
    A feeling of sorrow, compassion, or commiseration for. “I’d rather have anybody’shate than their pity.”
  41. Guardian
    A person who is responsible for a minor or other legally incapacitated person. “If thejudge decides Darry isn’t a good guardian or something, I’m liable to get stuckin a home somewhere.”
  42. To acquit / tobe acquitted
    To declare not guilty; to relieve from a charge of a crime.“then he said I was acquitted and the whole case was closed.”
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