1. Renal Cell Carcinoma AKA:
  2. Main symptom of renal cell carcinoma is?
    painless hematuria
  3. About what percentage of all renal cell carcinoma's involve calcifications?
  4. What percentage of Hypernephroma's containing calcium are malignant?
  5. 5 year survival rate of hypernephroma:
  6. How is Hypernephroma visualized on CT?
    Since kidney is a vascular structure (show up light) but center could be avascular (which would be dark)
  7. in US how does Hypernephroma appear?
    • has internal echoes.
    • change of echoes by how dense the mass is
  8. What is a Wilm's tumor?
    • Nephroblastoma
    • It is a malignant tumor of the kidney that grows in young children
  9. When do Wilm's Tumors usually show up?
    between 2-4 yrs old
  10. Nephroblastoma arises from what type of tissue?
    embryonic renal tissue
  11. 5 year survival rate with treatment for nephroblastoma is?
    85-90% (Wilm's tumor)
  12. What is a neuroblastoma?
    • Tumor of adrenal medullary origin that is the 2nd most common malignancy in children
    • Different than Nephroblastoma!
  13. renal vein thrombosis is what?
    occlusion of the renal vein
  14. Renal vein thrombosis unilateral or bilateral?
    can be either one
  15. Causes of Renal vein thrombosis in Children
    Severe dehydration
  16. Causes of Renal vein thrombosis in Adults
    • complication of renal disease
    • trauma
    • thrombus from vena cava
    • renal tumors
  17. carcinoma of the bladder originates where?
    within epithelium
  18. Bladder carcinoma is called
    urothelial carcinoma (previously known as transitional cell carcinoma)
  19. What sex is Bladder carcinoma found predominately in?
    Men over the age of 50
  20. What is the 4th most common cancer in men?
    • Bladder Carcinoma
    • AKA Urothelial Carcinoma
  21. Acute Renal failure is....
    • sudden, has rapid deterioration of kidney function
    • Sudden drop in urine volume
  22. Oliguria
    less than 400ml of urine output in a 24hr period
  23. What is there an accumulation of in the blood of patients with acute renal failure?
    Nitrogen containing waste
  24. What characteristic odor can be smelled on acute renal failure patient's breath?
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