Extra Points

  1. Tai Yang
    1 cun pos. to midpoint between end of eyebrow and outer canthus

    Headache, TMJ (tension), eye diseases, deviation of eyes and mouth
  2. Yin Tang
    insomnia, tension, rhinorrhea, sinusitis, headaches (frontal), infantile convulsion
  3. Shang Lian Quan
    1 cun inferior to midpoint of jaw

    salivation, difficulty moving tongue and swallowing, sore throat loss of voice
  4. Er Jian
    apex of ear

    eye redness, eye swelling and pain, fever, hypertension, ascending yang, febrile diseases
  5. Yu Yao
    center of lower border of eyebrow

    red eyes with swelling and pain, ptosis, corneal cloud, supraorbital pain, twitching eyelid
  6. Si Shen Cong
    4 points 1 cun each from Du 20

    headache, vertigo, insomnia, poor memory, epilepsy
  7. Qiu Hou
    lateral 1/4 and medial 3/4 of infraorbital ridge

    eye diseases
  8. Jia Cheng Jiang
    1 cun lateral to Ren 24 and inferior to ST 12

    deviation of eyes and mouth, pain and spasm of local muscles
  9. Jin Jin
    vein to left of frenulum of tongue

    swelling of tongue, vomiting, apasia (trouble speaking) with stiff tongue
  10. Yu Ye
    vein to right of frenulum of tongue

    swelling of tongue, vomiting, apasia (trouble speaking) with stiff tongue
  11. Bi Tong
    high point of nasolabial groove

    nasal obstruction, rhinitis
  12. Qian Zheng
    0.5 to 1 cun anterior to earlobe

    deviation of eyes and mouth, ulceration of mouth and tongue
  13. Yi Ming
    1 cun posterior to SJ17

    insomnia, tinnitis, eye diseases
  14. An Mian
    midway between SJ17 and GB20

    insomnia, mental disturbance, vertigo, headache, palpitations
  15. Ding Chuan
    0.5 cun lateral to Du14

    asthma, wheezing, cough, neck and back pain,
  16. Hua Tua Jia Ji
    0.5 cun lateral to lower boarder of SP of each vertebrae (34 total)
  17. Bai Lao
    2 cun superior and 1 cun lateral to Du14

    asthma, wheezing, wooping cough, scrofula, neck rigidity
  18. Wei Guan Xia shu
    1.5 cun lateral to T8

    diabetes, vomiting, abdominal and chest hypochondriac pain
  19. Shi Qi Zhui Xue
    on Du line, below SP of L5

    lumbar and thigh pain, paralysis of legs, dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation
  20. Yao Qi
    2 cun directly above coccyx

    epilepsy, headache, insomnia, constipation
  21. Pi Gen
    3.5 cun lateral to L1

    hepato-splenomegaly, lumbar pain
  22. Yao Yan
    3.5 cun lateral to L4

    lumbar pain, frequent urination, irregular menstruation
  23. Zi Gong Xue
    3 cun lateral to Ren 3

    menstrual problems, uterine prolapse
  24. Jian Qian/Jian Nei Ling
    midway between LI15 and anterior axillary fold

    shoulder pain, bicepital tendonitis, paralysis of upper extremity
  25. Shi Xuan
    on tips of all 10 fingers, 0.1 cun from tip of fingernail

    coma, epilepsy, mania, high fever, tonsilitis, febrile (infantile) convulsions, numbness in fingertips, apoplexy (stroke)
  26. Si Feng
    midpoint of transverse crease of proximal interphalangeal joints of 4 fingers

    whooping cough, malnutrition or indigestion
  27. Zhong Kui
    midpoint of dorsal aspect (knuckle) of 3rd interphalangeal joint

    hiccup, abdominal pain, nausea
  28. Ba Xie
    web between fingers, locate on fist

    bi and wei syndromes, arthritis, paresthesia, excess heat, spasm, contracture of fingers, carpal tunnel, spasm and swelling of dorsum of hand
  29. Luo Zhen
    on dorsum of hand, between 2nd and 3rd metacarpal bones, 0.5 cun from metacarpophalangeal joint

    stiff and sore neck, pain in shoulders and arms
  30. Yao Tong Xue
    on dorsum of hand, halfway between transverse wrist crease and metacarpophalangeal joints of 2nd/3rd and 4th/5th metacarpals

    acute lumbar sprain
  31. Zhong Quan
    in depression between LI5 and SJ4

    stuffy chest, gastric pain, spitting blood
  32. Er Bai
    4 cun proximal to transverse wrist crease, 2 points on either side of flexor carpi radialis

    hemmerhoids, rectal prolapse
  33. Bi Zhong
    midway between transverse wrist crease and elbow crease, on PC line

    paralysis and contracture of arm, pain in forearm
  34. Zhou Jian
    on tip of olecranon process of ulna when elbow is flexed

  35. Huan Zhong
    midway between GB30 and Du2

    lumbar pain and thigh pain
  36. Bai Chong Wo
    1 cun proximal to SP10

    eczema, rubella, GI parasites
  37. Xi Yan
    with knee flexed, medial and lateral to patellar tendon

    knee pain and leg weakness
  38. Lan Wei Xue
    tender point 2 cun inferior ro ST36

    acute or chronic apendicitis, indigestion, paralysis of lower extremity
  39. He Ding
    mipoint of upper/proximal patellar boarder

    knee pain, weak feet and legs, paralysis
  40. Dan Nang Xue
    tender point 1-2 cun inferior to GB34

    cholecystitis, cholelithiasis, biliary ascariasis, atrophy and numbness of lower leg
  41. Ba Feng
    in depression proximal to webbing between toes

    local redness and swelling, beriberi, bi syndrome of lower extremities, drains heat
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