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  1. CMEO is an equal opportunity management system controlled primarily at which of the following
  2. Which of the following supervisors supports the Navy�s Equal Opportunity program?
    The one who relates positively and directly with all people e q u a l l y
  3. To manage and supervise people effectively, you must have which of the following leadership skills?
    The ability to listen to and understand what people have to say
  4. To help your subordinates grow both personally and professionally, you must use which of the following supervisory practices?
    • 1. Provide timely feedback on performance
    • 2. Provide on-the-job training
    • 3. Identify their strengths and weaknesses
  5. If a person commits an act of arbitrary discrimination, the commanding officer may take which of the following disciplinary actions?
    • 1. Assign lower evaluation marks
    • 2. Award nonjudicial punishment
    • 3. Submit a recommendation for separation
  6. The Navy Rights and Responsibilities workshop is conducted by which of the following groups?
    Command Training Team (CTT)
  7. Which of the following subjects is NOT covered during the Navy Rights and Responsibilities workshop?
    Combatant skills
  8. Information concerning equal opportunity contained in command records may NOT be obtained through which of the following methods?
  9. What two methods of data collecting by the CAT require other data sources to be used to draw conclusions and produce findings that can be validly interpreted?
    Observations and surveys
  10. Nonjudicial punishment is better known in the Navy by which of the following titles?
    Captains mast
  11. Without using court-martial intervention. what article of the UCMJ empowers a commanding officer to impose punishment for minor offenses on both officer and enlisted personnel?
  12. Under the UCMJ, punishment must be imposed within 2 years of the o f f e n s e .
  13. Who must ensure that within a reasonable amount of time of the report of an offense that the accused is fully advised of his or her rights concerning a possible NJP?
    Officer contemplating imposing NJP
  14. Your rights are found under what UCMJ article?
  15. The preliminary inquiry officer (PIO) completes what section of the NAVPERS 1626/7?
  16. Under article 15 of the UCMJ, the commanding officer has how many punishments identified that he or she can impose at mast?
  17. Restriction is the least severe form of deprivation of liberty.
  18. Arrest in quarters may only be imposed on which of the following naval personnel?
    • 2. W-2 through W-4
    • 3. 0-1 through 0-10

    • Confinement on bread and water has a maximum duration of how many days?
    • 3
  19. Which of the following punishments i s considered the most severe form of NJP
    Reduction in grade
  20. Under article 15 of the UCMJ, you have how many days to appeal the punishment awarded to you if you feel that it was unjust or disproportionate?
  21. Which of the following terms describes the Navy�s recognition that drug and alcohol abuse is incompatible with the Navy�s effort to instill pride and professionalism?
    Zero tolerance
  22. Why has the Navy taken a firm stand against drug abuse?
    • 1. Drug abuse undermines combined readiness
    • 2. Drug abuse is costly in lost man-hours
    • 3. Drug abuse causes the loss of morale and esprit de corps
  23. What is the most valuable detection and deterrence tool used by the Navy to identify drug abusers?
    • Urinalysis testing
    • Each urinalysis sample is tested how many minimum number of times by one of the Navy�s drug screening laboratories?
    • Three
  24. Under the Navy�s policy for drug abusers, which of the following actions is taken if a PO2 commits a drug abuse offense?
    The person is processed for immediate separation
  25. A drug abuser deeply under the influence of narcotics displays which of the following characteristics?
  26. Which of the following paraphernalia found in a locker is an indication that the person is a narcotics abuser?
    • 1. Bent spoons
    • 2. Eyedroppers
    • 3. Cotton balls
  27. A person who abuses heroin develops a tolerance for the drug. How does this tolerance affect the person�s reaction to the drug?
    • Larger doses are required for
    • the same effect
  28. Normally, which of the following signs is the first emotional reaction following a dose of heroin?
    A feeling of relief
  29. Drinking a large amount of cough medication is a common method of abusing which of the following drugs?
  30. A drug abuser who suffers long periods of time without sleeping or eating is probably abusing which of the following types of drugs?
  31. A person who has taken an overdose of cocaine may experience which of the following reactions?
  32. Which of the following drugs can cause the heart or arteries to burst and cause a massive coronary?
  33. Which of the following drugs is abused on the pretense of weight control?
  34. Abuse of which of the following types of drugs results in the appearance of alcohol intoxication, but without the odor of alcohol on the breath?
  35. Depressant overdoses, when takeN with alcohol, may result in which of the following conditions?
  36. Abuse of which of the followinG types of drugs may result in reoccurring effects months after the drug has been taken?
  37. Which of the following indicators is one of the dangers to the hallucinogen abuser?
    The unpredictability of the effects of the drug
  38. Which of the following conditions is an indicator of a marijuana abuser presently under the influence of the substance?
    • 1. Loud and rapid talking
    • 2. Great bursts of laughter
    • 3. In a stupor or seems sleepy
  39. The effects of marijuana on the emotions and senses of the user depend on which of the following f a c t o r s ?
    • 1. The amount and strength of the substance
    • 2. The social setting and expected e f f e c t s
  40. Volatile chemical abuse is usually indicated by which of the following conditions?
    Smell of the chemical on the breath
  41. Which of the following personnel are subject to participation in the urinalysis testing program?
    All enlisted and officer personnel, regardless of the rank or age
  42. Which of the following persons must have prior knowledge of a drug detection dog inspection or search?
    • 1. The dog handler
    • 2. The commanding officer
  43. Which of the following types of behavior could be a positive clue that a person is abusing some form of drugs?
    Repeatedly showing symptoms associated with drug abuse
  44. The number one drug problem in the United States is the abuse of which of the following substances?
  45. Alcohol is classified as what type of drug?
  46. Which of the following characteristics or symptoms identifies a person suffering from alcoholism?
    • 1. Physical dependence
    • 2. Psychological dependence
  47. What is the purpose of this instruction with regard to alcohol abuse?
    To acknowledge the Navy�s responsibility for counseling and to aid alcoholics in recovery
  48. When, if ever, would the promotion prospects of a recovered alcoholic be affected?
    If misconduct or poor performance resulted from alcoholism
  49. For which of the following reasons does alcohol quickly affect the central nervous system?
    It is immediately absorbed into the bloodstream
  50. What indicator is used by most states to determine whether or not a person is intoxicated?
    Blood-alcohol level
  51. In the chronic stages of alcoholism, tolerance decreases markedly until the victim may become drunk on relatively small amounts of alcohol.
  52. In which of the following ways does alcohol, when taken in combination with other drugs, affect the body?
    The other drug is metabolized slower than the alcohol and remains active for longer periods
  53. Which of the following long-term effects can be expected by a person who is a heavy drinker for a prolonged period of time?
    • 1. Lowered resistance to infectious diseases
    • 2. Damage to the major organs of the body
    • 3. Deterioration of memory and judgement
  54. One definition of a problem drinker is one who must drink to function or to cope with life. How does the Navy define �alcoholism�?
    Depending on alcohol psychologically and/or physiologically
  55. Many definitions are used to describe problem drinking or alcoholism. Which of the following statements describes an alcoholic?
    A person who depends on alcohol to help him or her function in everyday life
  56. Which of the following statements is true concerning the diagnosing of alcoholism?
    It is often slow to be recognized
  57. What treatment technique does the Navy use in returning an alcoholic to a useful and productive life?
    One that matches the needs of the person to the appropriate therapy
  58. Which of the following social stigmas is usually attached to an a l c o h o l i c ?
    Alcoholism is a moral weakness rather than an illness
  59. Alcohol abuse prevention is the responsibility of which of the following persons?
    The individual
  60. Which of the following actions can commands take to help eliminate practices and customs that encourage personnel to drink?
    • 1. Emphasize moderation
    • 2. Provide educational programs
    • 3. Ensure adequate quantities of nonalcoholic beverages
  61. What is the maximum time a person may be assigned to a Level II counseling program?
    4 weeks
  62. Navy personnel who have a drinking problem can receive which of the following types of care from a Navyhospital?
    • 1. Evaluation
    • 2. Detoxification
    • 3. Primary rehabilitation
  63. Who is responsible to the commanding officer for carrying out the policies of the Navy Drug and Alcohol Abuse Program (NADAP)?
  64. The Navy operates how many alcohol rehabilitation centers (NAVALREHCEN)?
  65. As a supervisor faced with a drug or alcohol problem caused by one of your division personnel, which of the following helping resources can you turn to for advice and assistance?
    • 1. The chaplain
    • 2. The command master chief
    • 3. The senior personnel around you
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