Comp Vocab 4

  1. Bete Noire
    Person or thing that you dislike very much, annoys you, bugbear
  2. Carte Blanche
    Full discretionary power, complete freedom to do something
  3. Cause celebre
    Event such as a famous legal trial which attracts a lot of public attention, incident attracting attention
  4. Cul-de-sac
    Blind alley, short road which is blocked off at one end, situation which leads nowhere
  5. Debacle
    Collapse or overthrow, complete failure, bad planning
  6. Fait accompli
    Action has has already been done and cannot be changed
  7. Impasse
    Situation in which further development is impossible, deadlock, impassable road
  8. Liaison
    Bond or linking, communication between people or groups who work with each other
  9. Melange
    Medley, mixture or group of different things or people
  10. Mirage
    Optical illusion, image produced by hot air or something seen far away, hope or wish with no chance of being acheived
  11. Adieu
  12. Au Revoir
    Goodbye until we meet again
  13. Billet-doux
    Love letter
  14. Bon mot
    Clever remark or saying
  15. Brochure
    Pamphlet, type of small magazine that contains information on a product or company
  16. Canard
    False rumor, hoax, false report or piece of information which is intended to deceive people
  17. Cliche
    Worn out expression, comment that is very often used and not original
  18. Entre Nous
    Confidential, used when telling someone something that is secret, between us
  19. Mot juste
    Exactly the right word
  20. Precis
    Brief summary, short form of a text which gives only important parts
  21. Repartee
    Witty reply, quick and usually funny answers and remarks in conversation
  22. Resume
    Summary of personal qualifications, short statement of important details of something
  23. Riposte
    Quick and clever remark, often made in response to criticism, quick retort
  24. Tete-a-tete
    Informal private conversation between two friends, private conversation
  25. Faux pas
    Misstep or blunder in conduct
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