MM chapter 5

  1. The branch of physics that studies sound is?
  2. Sound pressure levels are measured in?
  3. The process of adjusting the level of a number of tracks to bring them all up to about the same level is called?
  4. When audio is measured in order to be digitally stored, the value of each measurment is rounded off to the nearest integer in a process called?
  5. reducing the number of seperate measurments of an audio file is called?
    Down sample
  6. The audio file format introduced by Microsoft and IBM with the introduction of Windows is the?
  7. Some software allows you to begin playing a downloading sound file as soon as enough of the sound is cached in your computer's?
  8. The process of playing a sound file while part of the file is still downloading is called?
  9. What happens when an audio signal exceeds the recording device's maximum recording level?
    "Clipping" of the signal occurs, introducing distortion
  10. The process of recording a sound, stored in the form of thousands of individulal measurments, each at a discrete point in time, is called?
  11. Which sound file characteristics does not directly affect the size of a digital audio file?
  12. Each individual measurment of a sound that is stored as digital information is called a?
  13. Audio recorded at 44.1 kHz, 16 bit stereo is considered?
    AM- Quality
  14. Removing blank space or dead air at the begining or end of a recording is sometimes called?
  15. DSP stand for?
    Digital Signal Processing
  16. The slower a user's connection, the longer h must wait for enough of the sound to download so that the entire file will have downloaded by the time the sound reaches the end. this effetc is called?
    Streaming latency
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