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  1. __________ and ________ are not one-time tasks but rather ongoing concerns of the HR department.
    • Placement
    • Induction
  2. The placement of employees within the school system is the responsibility of the ________________.
  3. Other factors that are taken into consideration in making assignments are educational preparation and training, _____________,___________, working relationships, and seniority with the school system.
    • Certification
    • Experience
  4. The HR department considers maternity leave, ____________, retirements, deaths, and terminations.
  5. A______________ procedure is necessary to effectively operate the district and highlights the fact that an individual is employed in the district and not in a particular school or position.
  6. ________________ is the process designed to acquaint new employees with the community, the school district, and their colleagues.
  7. The induction process has a _______________________ relationship with employee retention and job performance.
    Cause & effect
  8. Induction programs fall into one of two major categories: _______; _________________
    • Informational
    • Personal adjustment
  9. New employees should be introduced to the community and questioned about how they will _______________ to the various publics.
  10. The building _____________ has the responsibility for orienting new teachers to a particular school.
  11. Forming _________________ with other staff members helps an employee to achieve satisfaction in his or her work.
  12. Stats reveal that __ of new teachers leave the profession in 2 years and ___leave within 3 years.
    • 1/4
    • 1/3
  13. As a result of the education reform movement, which formally began with the publication of A Nation at Risk in 1983, over 16 states have enacted legislation calling for the inclusion of __________________ as an induction strategy for newly hired teachers.
  14. _________________ in a school district is an important factor.
  15. Generation Y teachers and administrators also tend to look at the phenomenon of ___________ in a different way.
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