standard of care mental health

  1. evidence-based practice (EBP)
    A method of care that integrates the latest & best available research
  2. health teaching
    Identification of the health education needs of the patient & teaching of basic physical & mental health principles
  3. mental status examination (MSE)
    "A formal assessment of cognitive functions such as intelligence, thought processes, & capacity for insight"
  4. milieu therapy
    A general term for any therapeutic setting that focuses on control of the environment (both physical & social) to effect positive change
  5. Nursing Interventions Classification (NIC)
    A listing of research-based nursing intervention labels that provide standardization of expected nursing interventions
  6. Nursing Outcomes Classifications (NOC)
    A classification system which defines & describes patient outcomes to nursing interventions
  7. outcome criteria
    Hoped-for outcomes that reflect the maximal level of patient health that can realistically be achieved through nursing interventions
  8. self-care activities
    activities of daily living
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standard of care mental health
standard of care mental health