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  1. What endangerment site contains the external carotid artery, the styloid process of the temporal bone, and the facial nerve
    Notch posterior and inferior to the ear
  2. Vasodilation and increased blood vessel permeability are functions of
  3. What is a bubble of fluid below the skin
  4. A combination of tow or more substances is called a
  5. A flat, reddened patch of skin is a
  6. The "building up" phase of metabolism is
  7. The pattern of development of disease is
  8. An inflammation of the skin resulting in itching, redness, and lesions is
  9. What is the yang organ for the earth element
  10. What structure separates the thoracic cavity from the abdominopelvic cavity
  11. A term describes a steam cabinet in which the client's head protrudes from the top
    Russian bath
  12. The term for the abnomalities that a patient complains of but an observer cannot necessarily detect is
  13. What substance in a solution prevents sharp changes in pH
  14. What is the indentation in the pelvic bones located deep to the gluteus maxiumus muscle
    sciatic notch
  15. The effect of cold applied to the scalp and hands is
    vasoconstriction of the blood vessels to the brain
  16. The study of disease
  17. Waste product removal is one function of the circulatory system. True or False.
  18. What is the term for an acute or chronic inflammation of the skin from any cause
  19. Name the technique that uses the palpation of tender points to guide the positioning of the body to reduce the tenderness
  20. The therapists responsibility to know what can and cannot be done during a massage sessions is called
    scope of practice
  21. Which is the sound for the wood element
  22. What is the name of the fluid that fills the cell
  23. Why is it important to position the client correctly
    to minimize the amount of unnecessary muscle activity for the bodywork practitioner
  24. Name the segments of chromosomes that carry the genetic code for a specific protein
  25. A neuromuscular technique involves voluntary contraction of a specific muscle or muscle group positioned in a specific direction
    muscle energy
  26. Name the plane that divides the body into top and bottom portions
  27. The hydroptherapy term related to the localized application of cold is
  28. The term for the skin and the accessory organs
  29. The term for two or more substances in a liquid that do not dissolve but distribute evenly throughout the liquid (e.g., India ink, blood) is:
  30. Group of signs and symptoms, usually with a common cause
  31. Name the tissue that connects muscle to bone or other tissue
  32. The ability of an organism to cause a disease and a measure of the potency of a microorganism
  33. What is the general effect of applying heat to the body
    promoting circulation of blood and lymph
  34. A nonprogrogressive motor disorder or paralysis caused by prenatal damage to the brain
    cerebral palsy
  35. A method that transports substances into or out of the cell and requires energy
    active transport
  36. Particles with no charge found in the nucleus of the atom are
  37. What is the process of inhibiting mircoorganism growth
  38. General purpose of tapotement
    stimulating tissue repair
  39. What is the name for the study of tissues
  40. What effect does the application of cold have on the thyroid
    it decreases thyroid function
  41. What is the term for a small bag or pocket of digestive enzymes in the cell that is used to digest foreign or damaged cells and organelles
  42. The term used to describe a disease affecting the entire world is
  43. Why is physical positioning a consideration for the therapist
    allows the therapist to use proper body mechanics
  44. Small, single-celled organisms with no nucleus are
  45. What are the local effects of cold
    decreased circulation
  46. A group or collection of similar cells that perform a specific function
  47. The cavity containing the heart is the
  48. Emotion for earth element
  49. Invasion of a pathogenic microorganism
  50. The term referring to the natural position of a bone or limb as it relates to gravity is
  51. The process by which fluids are engulfed by the cell membrane is
  52. Name the semisolid, somewhat elastic CT found in the ears, nose, and joints
  53. What results when heat is applied to the pericardium
    lowered blood pressure but increased heart rate
  54. Which plane divides the body into right and left portions
  55. What kind of tissue is used for protection and is found in the linings of the digestive and respiratory systems?
    Columnar epithelial
  56. Name the kind of cell responsible for conducting the action potential
  57. Movement of a substance from an area of high concentration to low concentration to reach a uniform concentration is
  58. Essential oil that can be used for insomnia, anxiety, nausea, fever, depression, burns, sunburns, hay fever, eczema and teething
  59. A group of organs that act together to perform a specialized body function is an
    organ system
  60. What is the name for the serous membranes associated with the lungs?
  61. In chemistry, a dissolved substance is called
    a solute
  62. The lining around muscles, blood vessels, and nerves that connects them to the surrounding tissues to hold them in place is
  63. An imaging procedure that uses electromagnetic radiation, similar to that used in radiographs, and is performed to examine the soft tissue of a specific region
    Computed tomography scan
  64. Cold applied to the abdomen decreases
    intestinal motility
  65. In the five-element theory, the animal quality related to the wood element is the
  66. A statement/definition of character
    The ethical traits that mark an individual or group
  67. A chronic, noncontagious skin disease marked by red patches covered by scales and usually located on the scalp, knees, elbows, umbilicus, and genitals
  68. An excision of the vertebral posterior arch, usually done to relieve herniated disks
  69. The region bordered by the sartorius muscle, the adductor longus muscle, and the inguinal ligament
    femoral triangle
  70. Medical term meaning "farther away form the midline of the body"
  71. A term for the skin and the accessory organs
  72. What tissue is founds in almost every region and organ of the body
    Connective tissue
  73. This structure has ribosomes bound to its surface
    Rough endoplasmic reticulum
  74. Which organelle is responsible for reading or decoding RNA
  75. The study of the normal functioning of the body
  76. The results of using temperatures above or below the normal body temperature are known as
    thermal effects
  77. A benign tumor of the glands
  78. What kind of boundary is related to fear or a sense or perception of a threat and thus requires some level of trust to be crossed
  79. Antibiotics do not destroy the cells of the person who has the infection because
    human cells are eukaryotic and bacteria cells are prokaryotic
  80. What is considered the genetic "master plan" or "blueprint" for the body
    deoxyribonucleic acid
  81. A positively or negatively charged atom or molecule is a(n)
  82. In a contrast bath, treatment is most effective when
    heat and cold are applied for equal lengths of time
  83. An essential oil that can be used for menopause, throat infections, anxiety, and endometriosis
  84. Name the substance that accepts or binds to hydrogen ions in a solution
  85. What term refers to the difference in authority, responsibility, or professional position between therapist and client or between teacher and student
    Power differential
  86. Taste for the wood element
  87. Sound for the wood element
  88. The process by which fluids are engulfed by the cell membrane is
  89. An effect of massage on the nervous system
    promoting the natural release of painkillers
  90. The application of rubbing alcohol to the lower body temperature through rapid evaporation is called an
    alcohol rub
  91. A cell with an enclosed nucleus in which the cell stores genetic material is a
  92. The ability of an organism to cause a disease and a measure of the potency of a microorganism
  93. What kind of tissue is used for protection and is found in the linings of the digestive and respiratory systems
    Columnar epithelial
  94. The term for anything that effects the blood or the entire body
  95. Positively charged particles found in the nucleus of the atom are
  96. One of the 11 major categories of stress identified by Dr. Selye as dramatically affecting a person's state of health and well-being
  97. A hydrotherapy term related to the localized use of moist cold
  98. Name the kind of cell responsible for conducting the action potential
  99. Small, single-celled organisms with no nucleus are
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