AT 102 - Chapter 8

  1. The number of fiber per inch of backing:
    Tape grade
  2. Tape method for medial longitudinal arch, foot pronation, arch strains, and plantar fasciitis:
  3. ProvidesProve dudes strong tape support for newly sprained or chronically weak ankles:
  4. Designed for freedom of movement, while providing lateral and medial support, and allows room for swelling:
    Open basketweave
  5. Supports the knee when it is unstable from injury to the medial collateral and anterior cruciate ligaments:
    Rotary knee taping
  6. Taping the elbow prevents hyper extension:
  7. Hip strains
  8. Why do athletic trainers tape:
    • Prevent injuries
    • post injury
    • Proprioception¬†
    • limit range of motion
    • swelling/edema
    • wound care
  9. Name the two basic kinds of slings:
    • Cervical arm sling ( to support forearm, wrist, hand)
    • shoulder arm sling skip port the forearm when there is an injury to the shoulder girdle)
  10. What is the sling and swathe combination designed to do?
    Stabilize the arm securely in case of a shoulder dislocation or fracture
  11. When are triangle bandages used?
    • First aid
    • Arm slings
  12. How should tape be stored:
    • Cool place¬†
    • Boxes stacked so that tape rests on flat top or bottom
  13. When is a spiral bandage wrap used:
    For covering large areas of a cylindrical body part
  14. What is a shoulder spica predominately used for:
    To hold a protective pad in place or prevent  should flexion of adbuction
  15. What is the function of the elbow figure eight bandage:
    To secure a dressing in the antecubital fossa or restrain full extension in hyperextension injuries.
  16. The hip spica serves what two purposes in sport?
    Hip adductor strain (thigh internally rotated) and hip flexion support
  17. How should the manual removal of adhesive tape be preformed:
    • Pulled in a direct line with the grain of hairs
    • Use one hand to pull the tape, and the opposite hand to pull the skin in the opposite direction
    • *peel skin from the tape, not tape from skin*
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