Geo 143: Measures for the study of population

  1. Why is the crude birthrate a measure of fertility?
    By using crude birthrate, we can know how many babies are born a year per 1000 people, but it includes males in denominator, so it is crude measure of fertility (not an accurate measure)
  2. What is the best single measure of fertility in a population?
    Total Fertility Rate(TFR shows the average number of children born to a woman during her lifetime (woman aged 15-49.)
  3. What are the different measures of mortality?
    • 1. Crude death rate,
    • 2. age-specific death rate,
    • 3. expectation of life at birth (life expectancy), 4. infant mortality rate
  4. What is the best single measure of mortality/health levels in a population?
    Life table (life expectancy)
  5. What does the term net-migration refer to?
    Net migration =

  6. What does the rate of natural increase measure?
    Natural increase=


    -measuring the population change excluding the effects of migration
  7. What is the difference between the rate of growth and the rate of natural increase?
    • -The rate of growth is a measure of total population growth including the influence of migration
    • -the rate of natural increase does not include migration.
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Geo 143: Measures for the study of population