MS II hand muscles

  1. what's in the 1st dorsal compartment
    • APB    abductor pollicis longus
    • EPB    extensor pollicis brevis
  2. what's in the 2nd dorsal compartment
    • ECRL       extensor carpi radialis longus
    • ECRB       extensor carpi radialis brevis
  3. what's in the 3rd dorsal compartment
    EPL      extensor pollicis longus
  4. what's in the 4th dorsal compartment
    • ED     extensor digitrum
    • EI       extensor indicis
  5. what's in the 5th dorsal compartment
    EDM     extensor digiti minimi
  6. what's in the 6th dorsal compartment
    ECU     extensor carpi ulnaris
  7. abductor pollicis longus attachments & compartment
    • dorsal surfaces of radius, ulna, and interosseous membrane (about mid way down) -->
    • base of 1st metacarpal

    1st compartment
  8. extensor pollicis brevis attachments & compartment
    • beginning of the prox 1/3 of dorsal radius and interosseous membrane -->
    • base of prox phalanx of thumb
    • 1st compartment
  9. extensor carpi radialis longus attachments & compartment
    • lat supracondylar ridge -->
    • base of 2nd metacarpal

    2nd compartment
  10. extensor carpi radialis longus nerve
    radial (C6-C7)
  11. extensor pollicis longus nerve
    radial (C7-C8)
  12. extensor pollicis brevis nerve
    radial (C7-C8)
  13. abductor pollicis longus nerve
    radial (C7-C8)
  14. extensor carpi radialis brevis attachments & compartment
    • lat epicondyle -->
    • base of 3rd metacarpal
    • 2nd compartment
  15. extensor carpi radialis brevis nerve
    radial (C7-C8)
  16. extensor pollicis longus attachments & compartment
    • mid dorsal ulna -->
    • base of distal phalanx of thumb

    3rd compartment
  17. extensor pollicis longus nerve
    radial (C7-C8)
  18. extensor digitorum attachments & compartment
    • lat epicondyle -->
    • dorsal digital expansion of digits 2-5

    4th compartment
  19. extensor digitorum nerve
    radial (C7-C8)
  20. extensor indicis attachments & compartment
    • starts at beginning 1/3 of dorsal ulna and interosseous membrane -->
    • post digital extension of index finger

    4th compartment
  21. extensor indicicis nerv
    radial (C7-C8)
  22. extensor digiti minimi attachments & compartment
    lat epicondyle --> dorsal digital expansion of 5th digit

    5th compartment
  23. extensor digiti minimi nerve
    radial (C7-C8)
  24. extensor carpi ulnaris attachments & compartment
    • lat epicondyle & dorsal ulnar head  (pic looks like it attaches to dorsum of ulna half way down) -->  
    • base of 5th metacarpal
  25. extensor carpi ulnaris nerve
    radial (C7-C8) (posterior interossei n of the radial n)
  26. hypothenar muscles from outer to innner, and sup to deep
    • abductor digiti minimi
    • flexor digiti minimi
    • opponens digiti minimi
  27. opponens digiti minimi attachment & nerve
    • hook of hamate & flexor retinaculum --> 
    • ulnar border of 5th metacarpal

    ulnar n (C8-T1)
  28. flexor digiti minimi brevis attachment & nerve
    • hook of hamate & flexor retinaculum -->
    • base of 5th proximal phalanx

    ulnar (C8-T1)
  29. abductor digiti minimi attachment & nerve
    • pisiform -->
    • 5th prox phalanx & dorsal expansion of 5th digit

    ulnar (C8-T1)
  30. palmaris brevis attachment & nerve
    • palmar aponeurosis (ulnar border) -->
    • skin of hypothenar eminance
    • ulnar (C8-T1)
  31. palmaris brevis action
    • tighten the palmar aponeurosis
    • deepens the hollow of the palm
  32. adductor pollicis attachment
    • transverse head: 3rd metacarpal
    • oblique head: capitate and 2nd & 3rd metacarpal bases
    • -->
    • base of prox phalanx of thumb via ulnar sesamoid
  33. adductor pollicis nerve
    ulnar (C8-T1)
  34. abductor pollicis brevis attachment
    scaphoid, trapezium, flexor retinaculum --> base of prox phalanx of thumb via radial sesamoid
  35. abductor pollicis brevis nerve
    median (C8-T1)
  36. flexor pollicis brevis attachments
    • superficial head: flexor retinaculum
    • deep head: capitate bone, trapezium
    • -->
    • base of prox phalanx of thumb via radial sesamoid
  37. flexor pollicis brevis nerve
    • superficial head: median n (C8-T1)
    • deep head: ulnar n (C8-T1)
  38. opponens pollicis attachments and nerve
    • trapezium -->
    • first metacarpal (radial border)

    median n (C8-T1)
  39. thenar muscles, superficial to deep
    • abductor pollicis brevis
    • adductor pollicis
    • flexor pollicis brevis
    • opponens pollicis
  40. extensor digitorum inserts in the dorsal digital expansion of digits 2-5, but specifically where in there?
    • base of middle phalanx
    • at the "Central Slip"
  41. how does the ED tendon reach the prox phalanx?
    "shroud fibers" come off the ED tendon and envelope the prox phalanx
  42. where do lumbricals and dorsal interossei unite?
    • mid proximal phalanx
    • (I think at this point they're joining the dorsal digital expansion)
  43. 2 muscles that abd pinky, and their nerves
    • extensor digiti minimi -- radial (C7-C8)
    • abductor digiti minimi -- ulnar (C8-T1)
  44. lumbrical attachments
    tendons of flexor digitorum profundus -->dorsal digital expansion (digits 2-5)

    so, starts on the palmar side, crosses to dorsal as it goes by the prox phalanx (on its radial side), joins with the dorsal interossei in the middle of the prox phalanx, and together they go on to insert on the dorsal prox surface of the distal phalanx
  45. lumbrical nerve
    • for index and middle fingers - median (C8-T1)
    • ring and pinky fingers - ulnar (C8-T1)
  46. dorsal interossei attchments
    • prox: each attaches to two metacarpals that are side by side -->
    • dist: the radial 2 attach to the radial side of the prox phalanx of digits 2 and 3, and the ulnar 2 attatch to the ulnar side of the prox phalanx of digits 3 and 4
  47. nerve for all interossei
    ulnar (C8-T1)
  48. palmar interossei attachments
    • prox: ulnar side of 2nd metacarpal, radial side of 4th and 5th -->
    • dist: base of prox phalanx on same side ... and then higher via the dorsal digital extension
  49. actions of palmar interossei
    • MCP joints: flex
    • prox and dist IP jts: ext
    • and of course, adduct
  50. flexor carpi radialis attachments
    • med epicondyle -->
    • base of 2nd metacarpal
  51. FCR act and n
    • flex, abd, rad dev hand
    • median (C6, C7)
  52. flexor carpi ulnaris attachments
    • hum head: med epicondyle
    • ulnar head: olecranon
    • -->
    • pisiform, hook of hamate, base of 5th metacarpal
  53. FCU n
    ulnar (C7-T1)
  54. palmaris longus attachment
    med epicondyle --> palmar aponeurosis
  55. palmaris longus n and act
    • median (C7-C8)
    • weak elbow flexion
    • wrist flexion
    • tighten aponeurosis
  56. flexor digitorum profundus attachments
    prox 2/3 of ulna and interosseous membrane --> distal phalanges of 2nd to 5th digits
  57. FDP nerve
    • 4th and 5th digits: ulnar n (C8-T1)
    • 3rd and 2nd digits: median n (C8-T1)
  58. why is FDP called a "mass action muscle?"
    bc it comes from one muscle belly in the forearm, then splits into 4 tendons
  59. flexor digitorum superficialis attachments
    • med epicondyle and upper half of ant radius -->
    • sides of middle phalanges of 2nd to 5th digits
  60. FDS nerve
    median (C8-T1)
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