Rad Review Easy Part 1

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  1. Place the the following bony parts in order from most proximal to most distal.
    Popliteal surface
    Linea aspera
    Fovea capitis
    Intertrochanteric crest
    • Fovea capitis
    • Intertrochanteric crest
    • Linea aspera
    • Popliteal surface
  2. The ileocecal valve normally is located in which of the following body regions?
    Right iliac
  3. Place the following bony structures into order from lateral to medial.
    • Trapezium
    • Trapezoid
    • Capitate
    • Hamate
  4. Which of the following projections is most
    likely to demonstrate the carpal pisiform free of superimposition?
    AP (medial) oblique
  5. Which of the following bones participate(s) in
    the formation of the knee joint?
    Femur & Tibia
  6. Component part(s) of x-ray film include which of the following?
    Gelatin emulsion & Adhesive layer
  7. High-kilovoltage exposure factors are usually
    required for radiographic examinations using
    Barium sulfate
  8. All of the following statements regarding dual
    x-ray absorptiometry are true, except
    Radiation dose is considerable
  9. Place the following structures into order from anterior to posterior.
    Sub mandibular
    • Sublingual
    • Sub mandibular
    • Parotid
    • Mastoid
  10. An increase in the kilovoltage applied to the x-ray tube increases the
    X-ray wavelength and Exposure rate
  11. What structure can be located midway between the anterosuperior iliac spine (ASIS) and pubic symphysis?
    Dome of the acetabulum
  12. A diabetic patient who has not taken insulin while preparing for a fasting radiologic examination is susceptible to a hypoglycemic
    reaction. This is characterized by
    Fatigue & restlessness
  13. Somatic effects resulting from radiation exposure can
    Have possible consequences on the exposed individual & cause temporary infertility
  14. In the AP axial projection (Towne method) of the skull, with the CR directed 30 degrees caudad to the orbitomeatal line (OML)
    and passing midway between the external auditory meati, which of the following
    is best demonstrated?
    Occipital bone
  15. Which of the following statements is (are) true
    regarding a two-member team performing mobile radiography on a patient with
    MRSA precautions?
    • One radiographer remains "clean"—that is, he or she has no physical contact with the    patient.
    • The radiographer who positions the mobile unit also makes the exposure.
  16. In which of the following conditions is a double-contrast BE essential for demonstration of the condition?
    Polyps & Colitis
  17. If the primary coil of a high-voltage transformer is supplied by 220 V and has 400 turns and the secondary coil has 100,000 turns, what is the voltage induced in the secondary coil?
    55 kV
  18. AP erect Left and Right bending images of
    T&L to include 1” of the iliac crest, are performed to demonstrate?
  19. In general, as the intensification factor
    Density increases
  20. If an image exhibits insufficient density, this
    might be attributed to?
    Inadequate kV and grid cutoff
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