Pathology for massage

    thickening of skin due to repeated rubbing and/or pressure

    cause - formed in areas over bony prominences in mechanical trauma

    signs - skin is thickened; corns are painful

    risk - family history of bone abnormality

    medical - address mechanical problem, padded shoes, salicylic acid, surgery

    massage - use oil while massaging.
  2. Cancer
    Description - abnormal growth of cells that is progressive and purposeless, comprising surrounding tissue.

    Cause - genetic changes, often initiated or promoted by carcinogenic agents, transform a normal cell to a cancerous cell

    Signs & Symptoms - vary on time, weakness, loss of appetite, muscle mass, bleeding, anemia, lowered immunity

    medical- surgery, radiation, chemo, hormones and immunotherapy.

    massage - refer to physician, careful history, consult Dr. modify massage based on location, stage and treatment
  3. Breast Cancer
    malignant growth affecting breasts of women

    cause - unknown, may be due to estrogen

    signs - no symptoms, hard lump, abnormal fluid discharge from nipples, redness and increased breast temp

    risks - btwn 35 & 54, family history, menstruation at early age, late menopaus, no pregnancies or late pregnancies, ovarian/uterine cancer, exposure to radiation, oral contraceptive use

    medical - surgery, chemo, radiation, hormone therapy

    massage - refer to dr., elevate arm above heart if has edema, avoid radiation areas, avoid if you have infection and they are on chemo
  4. Skin Cancer
    malignant change in skin, which may be slow-growing (basal cell epithelioma) or rapidly growing with the potential to spread (squamous cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma)

    cause - dna mutations in epidermis from exposure to sun or radiation, chronic skin irritation, exposure to carcinogens, burn scars, ingestion of arsenic

    • signs - swellings, blood vessels over lesion (basal cell)
    • - palpable swelling that grows slowly (squamous cell)
    • - arising from moles, irregular blue, red, white pigmented growths (melanoma)

    Risk - outdoor employment, residence in sunny, warm climate, fair skin with blonde or red hair, blue eyes, moles, family history, males, older age, tanning salongs

    medical - surgery, local application of creams, chemo, radiation, sunscreen, avoid sun exposure

    massage - report unusual skin changes, consult dr before therapy, lower immunity from chemo/radiation
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