Speech - Finals

  1. Ready position
    feet shoulder width apart, don’t move around/shuffle
  2. persuasive speaking
    Act as advocate
  3. tone - what it is, what it does?
  4. ethos
    credibility of speech
  5. pathos
    emotional ties to speech
  6. logos
    the facts
  7. Aristotle
    Greek philospher. Created rhetoric theory - ethos, pathos, logos
  8. rhetoric
    art of public speaking (ethos, pathos, logos)
  9. platform
    3 main points - walking
  10. informative speaking
    a form of speaking intended to increase the audience's understanding or knowledge
  11. citations
    sources, supported material
  12. rate
    speed @ which you speak
  13. volume
    loudness or softness of voice
  14. hand gestures
    "in the box" (don’t distract)
  15. eye contact
    don’t read off your notes
  16. interpersonal communication
    speaking with other people (influenced by each other's messages)
  17. intrapersonal communication
    yourself - your own thoughts
  18. invisibear
    a fear that's not really there. "Fight or Flight"
  19. Essay - what you've learned & how you will use it
    The Invisibear theory is what I will take with me the most. Public speaking is a scary subject, but I will feel more comfortable as I continue throughout college and I have learned the outlines and platform, not to hide behind a podium and use a Power Point presentation as a crutch.
  20. Outline
    • Purpose:
    • Thesis:
    • I. Introduction:
    • A. What it is __
    • B. Credibility statement __
    • C.
    • II: Body
    • A. Main Point
    • B.
    • C.
    • III. Conclusion
    • A. Restate thesis
    • B. Review main points 1., 2., 3.
    • Closing Paragraph
    • (and any references)
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