Target Value Analysis WOBC 18-12

  1. TVA references?
    • Joint Fires & Targeting Handbook
    • FM 3-60
    • FM34-36
  2. Generates HVT sets for a specific enemy coarse of action.
  3. Tangible elements of a system that can be targeted for action
  4. Element of a system that represents a behavior, physical, or functional relationship between nodes.
  5. Element, position, or C2 entitiy whose disruption/ destruction will immediately effect it's ability to conduct operations.
    Critical Node
  6. Critical to the functioning of a system
    Key Node
  7. A functionally, physically, or behaviorally related group of regularly interacting or interdependent elements; that group of elements forming a unified whole.
  8. Define HVT
    A target the enemy commander requires for the successful completion of his mission.
  9. Define HPT
    A target whose loss to the enemy will significantly contribute to the success of the friendly course of action.
  10. A person of interest who must be identified, surveilled, tracked and influenced through the use of information or fires.
    High Value Individual
  11. Is a JFC designated target requiring immediate response becuase it is a highly lucrative, a fleeting target of opportunity, or it posses (or will soon pose) a danger to friendly forces.
    Time Sensitive Target
  12. Targets requiring special care or caution in treatment because failure to attack them or to attack them improperly can lead to major adverse consequences.
    Sensitive Targets
  13. What tools do we provide during our targeting analysis to prioritize, analyze and synchronize the targeting process?
  14. When it is destruction or damage has a significant impact on military, political, or economic operations.
  15. When an operational element can reach the target with sufficient personnel and equipment to accomplish its mission.
  16. The length of time that it would take the enemy to repair, replace, or bypass damage inflicted on the target is important in determining the value of an action.
  17. If the friendly force has the means, expertise, and capability to successfully prosecute the target
  18. It is a measure of possible military, political, economic, psychological, and sociological impacts at the target and beyond.
  19. The degree to which it can be identified under varying conditions.
  20. The TVA process generates ______ sets for a specific enemy COA?
    High Value Target
  21. What does CARVER assist us with?
    Identifying and prioritizing (value and rank) specific targets so that attack resources can be employed efficiently.
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