1. cessation of blood
  2. 4 phases of hemostasis
    vascular spasm, platelet plug, coagulation, fibrinolysis (dissolve fibrin clot)
  3. local secretion of this vasoconstricing peptide from endothelium leads to vasoconstriction
  4. platelets bind here during vascular spasm
    subendothelial surfaces
  5. secreted from normal cells to inhibit platelet aggregation
    prostacyclin, NO
  6. this layer consists of the basal lamina and the smooth muscle
    subendothelial cell layer
  7. two things released during blood vessel injury
    collagen, Von Willebrand factor(vWF)
  8. this in platelet plasma membrane binds collagen to vWF
    glycoprotein (integrin)
  9. specific name of the integrins that binds to vWF and collagen
    GPIb binds to vWF

    GPIa bins to collagen
  10. two receptors involved in ADP platelet aggregation

    whats activated by these two receptors
    P2Y1 (Gq, intracellular Ca2+) , P2Y12 (Gi, inhibit andenylyl cyclase)
  11. platelet agregation agonist and vasoconstrictor, released by activated platelet
    TXA2 (thromboxane A2)
  12. generated from coagulation cascade
  13. the last step of coagulation cascade
    fibrinogen to fibrin (soluble to insoluble)
  14. meshwork of fibrin
  15. coagulation factors are genernally ---- (blank) proteases
  16. T or F most coagulation factors are released as proenzymes from the liver
    True (inactive enzymes get proteolytically cleaved-activation)
  17. generated vitamin K from epoxide
    vitamin k epoxide reductase
  18. blood clotthing factors that require vitamin k dependent post translational modification
    factor 2, 7, 9, 10
  19. coumatin anticoagulants, how does it work?
    warfarin and dicumarol, inhibits vitamin K epoxide reductase
  20. limits the action of tissue factor
    TFPI (tissue factor pathway inhibitor) inhibits the activation of factors 9 and 10
  21. proteolytically cleaves fibrin (fibrinolysis)
  22. cleaves plasminogen to plasmin
    t-PA (tissue plasminogen activator)
  23. deficiency of factor 8
    Hemophilia A
  24. deficiency of factor 9
    hemophilia B
  25. deficiency of factor 11, occrus in individuals of either sex
    Hemophilia C
  26. abnormal vWF
    von willebrand disease
  27. autosomal recessive, deficiency of GPIb (glycoprotein Ib)
    bernard soulier syndrome
  28. autosomal recessive, abnormal GPIIb/IIIa platelet surface fibrinogen receptor complex
    Thrombasthenia of glanzmann, naegeli
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