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  1. 1.An endocrine gland releases hormones:
    into the bloodstream.
  2. 2.Steroid hormones are:
    ipid-soluble cholesterol derivatives
  3. 3.Steroid hormones include:
  4. 4.Pituitary gland function is regulated by:
    a.hypothalamic releasing hormones
    b.positive feedback mechanisms
    c.negative feedback mechanisms
    d.all of the above
    all of the above
  5. 5.Conditions involving hyposecretion of hormones may be treated with:
    hormone replacement therapy
  6. 6.The anterior lobe of the pituitary gland is named the:
  7. 7.Which is true of hypothalamic regulatory factors?
    They may be used for diagnostic tests
  8. 8.A patient presents with enlargement of hands and feet, coarsening of facial features and diabetes. The patient should be treated with:
  9. 9.Which of the following statements is true with respect to the adrenal cortex hormones?
    Glucocorticoid release is regulated by ACTH from the pituitary gland
  10. 10.Which of the following actions of glucocorticoids is clinically useful?
  11. 11.The initial mechanism of action of glucocorticoids is:
    activation of cytoplasmic and nuclear receptors
  12. 12.With respect to the use of glucocorticoids:
    alternate day therapy is advised for orally administered drugs.
  13. 13.The adverse effects of glucocorticoids may include moon face, skin striae and abnormal fat distribution. These are considered to be:
    cushingoid effects
  14. 14.Parathyroid hormone is released in response to:
    low plasma calcium levels
  15. 15.The signs and symptoms of tetani, decreased calcium levels and raised serum phosphate levels are indicative of:
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