Phases of helping nurse-client relationship

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  1. reviews available data; talks with those who may have information about client; anticipates what concerns may arise; gets location for interaction; alots enough time
  2. Begins the data collection; introductions including name and role. Nurse assumes leadership in listening to the client and gathering information about the client; agreement on what to be discussed/accomplished; issue of confidentiality is established; may include orientation to health care setting.
  3. Usually the longest phase; nurse and client work together to meet the client's goals; intentional interaction, client teaching and counseling takes place
    Working phase
  4. Conclusion of interaction (may be end of shift); (or discharge, nurse's day off); evaluate achievenemt of goals; suggestions fo rachieving unmet goals; can be emotional for both nurse and client; may be necessary to transfer care to another healthcare provider; feelings should be discussed openly; closure during orientation phase
    Termination Phase
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Phases of helping nurse-client relationship
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