Chapter 4

  1. Why did Great Britain issue the "Proclamation of 1763" and what was its intended purpose?
    Because settlers could not settle west of the Appalachian moutains and foreign traders needed royal permission before entering.
  2. What is a "duty"? explain in detail
    A duty is import tax, to pay for the French- Indian war that the British won but suffered huge amounts of debt.
  3. What was the Sugar Act?
    (1764) The Sugar act was a tax on foreign items (such as gin, spirits) it was not a very popular act.
  4. What was the Stamp Act?
    (1765) very popular act, taxed printed items (advertisments, papers, etc.)
  5. What was the Quartering Act?
    (1765) Government wants colonists to house soldiers that are present in the colony. (not a popular act)
  6. What was the Townshend Acts?
    Government increases more taxes on common items now.
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