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  1. Contrite
    Regretful, penitent; seeking forgiveness.

    The judge looked favorably on the defendant's contrite plea for leniency.

    Synonyms: Apologetic
  2. Quotidian
    Occuring or recurring daily

    • The nonprofit organization stries to supply the quotidian needs of people in remote parts of developing countries
    • .
    • Synonyms:ordinary, everyday
  3. Implacable
    Not capable of being appeased, or significantly changed

    Sadly, Iriina is an implacable pessimist and will never see the brighter side of any situation.
  4. Exigent
    Urgent; pressing; requiring immediate action or attention

    Ive already missed two payments, so writing a check to the gas company is my most exigent priority.

    Synonyms: Crucial, Dire, Imperative.
  5. Forswear
    To renounce; repudate

    Synonyms: Diavow
  6. Boisterous
    • loud, noisy; lacking restraint
    • Synonyms: raucous
  7. Nugatory
    No Value or Importance

    Synonyms: Piddling
  8. Cursory
    Hasty; done with little attention.

    Synonyms: Hurried
  9. Harrow
    To Distress; to cause agony to

    Synonyms: torment
  10. Importune
    To ask incessantly; to beg; to nag

    Synonyms: Exhort
  11. Prevaricate
    To deliberately avoid the truth; mislead

    Synonyms: misinform, deceive, hedge.
  12. Ignominious
    Shameful; undignified

    Synonyms: humiliating
  13. Stygian
    Gloomy, Dark

    Synonyms: Infernal
  14. Surefit

    Synonyms: overabundance, surplus
  15. Inimical
    damaging, harmful, or injurious; hostile, adverse or unfriendly

    Synonyms: deleterious
  16. Ebullience
    the quality of lively or entusiastic expression of thoughts and feelings.

    Synonyms: effervescence
  17. Toady
    Sycophant; flatterer

    Synonyms: Flunky
  18. Epicutre
    One devoted to sensual pleasure, particularly food and drink

    Synonyms: gourmet
  19. Untrammeled
    not hampered or impeded

    Synonyms: unrestrained
  20. Tyro
  21. Renege
    Withdraw, to fail to honor a commitment; to break a promise.
  22. Solicitous
    concerned and attentive; eager
  23. Phlegmatic
  24. Slake
    to satisfy or quench

    Synonyms: abate
  25. Ostentatious

    Synonyms: showy
  26. Didactic
    intended to teach or instruct

    Synonyms: pedagogic
  27. Gauche
    Crude; Awkward

    Synonyms: Tactless
  28. Idyll
    A carefree, lightheared pastoral or romantic scene

    Synonyms: carefree scene
  29. recalcitrant
    Obstinately resistant to authroty; difficult to manage

    Synonyms: Defiant, rebellious.
  30. Detraction
    Slandering, verbal attacks; aspersion

    Synonyms: disparagement
  31. Soporific
  32. Parsimonious
    cheap; miserly

    Synonyms: Stingy
  33. Felicitous
    Well Chosen

    Synonyms: Appropriate
  34. Trenchant
    Sharply perceptive; keen; penetrating

    Synonyms: incisive
  35. Errant
    Wandering; straying

    Synonyms: Roving
  36. Occlude
    to obstruct or block

    Synonyms: clog, congest
  37. Obloquy
    Sharp criticism; abusively detractive language

    Synonyms: calumny
  38. Vacillate
    to move indecisevly b/t one course of action or opinion and another

    Synonyms: waver.
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