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  1. The first task of the cell membrane is?
  2. a Leaflet is a?
    Lipid Layer
  3. A Unit Membrane consists of?
    2 leaflets
  4. Peripheral membrane proteins are linked to integral proteins of lipids by what type of bonds?
    Ionic, Hydrogen, or Van der Walls
  5. Name 3 Classes of lipids. Which is the most dominant?
    Phospholipids , sterols, and isoprenoids.
  6. The only sterol found in the human cell membrane is?
  7. Osmic Acid oxidizes what two things?
    Amino Alcohol and Glycerol
  8. Lipid bilayer plus osmium plating results in what thickness of a unit membrane?
  9. Most gas exchange across the membrane takes place by which process?
    Facillitated Diffusion
  10. osmolarity of the blood should be
    280 millimolars
  11. the cell stores glucose in which format?
    glycogen aka glucose-6-phosphate
  12. Which is larger? hydrated solution of K or Na?
  13. A Transmitter-gated channel is a complex of what?
    Trans membrane proteins that form a receptor domain on its outer end.
  14. Largest class of membrane receptors are?
    G-Protien linked receptors
  15. What causes organs cells to stick to each other?
    Cell Adhesion Molecule
  16. What are Cadherins?
    glycoprotiens in the cell membrane of most human cells
  17. What enables Cadherins to stick to each other?
    Calcium Ions
  18. What is EDTA?
    Calcium removing agent.
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