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  1. what ecologist wrote the book the fitness of th environment? what was the main point of the book?
    • -lawrence henderson
    • -life adapts to its environment through natural selection
    • -for life to exist at all, the environment must first be a suitable abode
  2. what is the most common substance to exist in the natural environment in all 3 physical states of matter?
    • water
    • -solid, liquid, gas
  3. cells are surrounded by about what percentage of water?
    -70-95 percent of water
  4. what shape does a water oleculr have and what kind of of molecule is it and why?
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    • - v shaed
    • -polar molecule (two ends of the molecule have opposite charges
    • -hydrogen joins to oxygen (which is more electronegative) in a single covalent bond
    • -they spend more time closer to oxygen making it polar covalent bonds
  5. the slightly positive hydrogen atom being attracted to a nearby slightly negative oxygen aton makes what kind of bond?
    hydrogen bond
  6. what are the four special properties of water?
    • -cohesion
    • -adhesion
    • -surface tension
    • -high specific heat
  7. what is cohesion? what are 2 example?
    the property that waterr molecules will stick together

    -collively, the hydrogen bonds hold the substance together.

    -such as droplet formations

    -the transportation of water and dissolved nutrients against gravity in plants
  8. what is adhesion?
    the property that water will stick to other polar or charged substances
  9. what is surface tension and two example of it?
    -surface tension is the measure of how difficult it is to stretch or break the surface of a liquid.

    -such as the water striders ability to walk on water due to the collective strength of the hydrogen bonds

    -water standing above the rim of a slightly over filled glass of water
  10. what is temperature
    - the measure of heat intensity that represents the average kinetic energy of the molecules, regardless of volume.
  11. why does a swimming pool contain more heat thana pot of coffee?
    - the swimming pool has a greater volume thana pot of coffee although the coffee has a higher temperature
  12. at what temperatur does water freeze and boil?
    freezes at 0 degrees celsius and boils at 100 degrees celsius
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