ME 373 pt 1

  1. Performs analysis on small pieces of the model, called elements.

    Allows you to find stresses, strains, forces, moments, displacements, etc.

    Can also be used to model things like impact or fracture
    Finite Element Analysis
  2. Contains functions required for the genetic optimization routine
    genetic optimizer
  3. coordinates all the other programs and runs Abaqus
  4. Writes input files for Abaqus
    Input Writer
  5. Creates and moves files to the correct folder, and submits input files
    Run Abaqus
  6. Runs python script which receives necessary data
    Data Harvester
  7. machine designed to perform operations specified with a set of instructions
  8. set of instructions
  9. computer equipment
  10. the programs that describe the steps we want the computer to perform
  11. CPU
    Central Processing Unit
  12. ALU
    Arithmetic and logic unit
  13. ROM
    Read only memory
  14. RAM
    Random access memory
  15. computers store data as series of...
    1s and 0s
  16. Memory is divided into numbered locations called...
  17. A byte is a sequence of....
    8 bits
  18. bit is...
    a binary digit
  19. address
    location number associated with a byte
  20. used for storing the binary representation of a data item, such as a number or a character
    group of consecutive bytes
  21. provides user interface and responsible for control of hardware and basic operations
    operating system
  22. word processors, spread sheets, etc.
    application software
  23. series of commands in a high-level language written in a tet editor
    source code
  24. converts the source code into an object program (machine code)
  25. prepares object code to be executed by linking in any other object or codes or libraries required for execution (converts object program into executable program)
  26. run the program created by the linker/loader
  27. printable/readable program file
    source program
  28. nonprintable machine readable file
    object program
  29. nonprintable executable code (can be run by the user)
    executable program
  30. errors reported by the compiler
    sytax errors
  31. errors reported by the linker
    linker errors
  32. errors reported by the operating system
    execution/run-time errors
  33. errors not reported
    logic errors
  34. HTML
    Hyper Text Markup Language
  35. birthplace of the WorldWideWeb
  36. Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Caillau
    authors of the www
  37. birth year of the www
  38. HTML 2
  39. HTML 3
  40. HTML 4
  41. HTML 5
    2007 draft
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