1. Ecosystem
    Consists of all living and nonliving thins living in a particula area
  2. Kingdom
    A taxonomic category, the second broadest after domain
  3. Organism
    An individual living thing
  4. Domain
    A taxonomic category above the kingdom level.

    The three domains are: Archae, Bacteria, Eukarya
  5. Organ system
    Group of organs that work together in performing vital body functions
  6. Controlled Experiment
    Designed to compare an experimental gorup with a control group
  7. Population
    A group of individuals of one species that live in a particular geographic area
  8. Organ
    A specialized center of body function composed of several different types of tissues
  9. Archaea
    One of two prokaryotic domains, the other is the Bacteria
  10. Molecule
    2 or more atoms held together by covalent bonds
  11. Tissue
    An integrated group of cells with a common structure and function
  12. Eukarya
    The domain of eukaryotes which includes all of the protists, plants, fungi, and animals
  13. Adaptations
    Inherited characteristics that enhance the ability of an organism to survive and reproduce in a particular environment
  14. Technology
    Application of scientific knowledge
  15. Cell
    The simplest collection of matter that can live
  16. Theories
    Comprehensive ideas that are much broader than hypotheses
  17. Natural Selection
    Differential success in the reproduction of diff phenotypes resulting from the interaction of organism with their environment
  18. Bacteria
    One of the 2 prokaryotic domains, the other being the Archaea
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