Chem quiz ch 1

  1. hypothesis
    1st step explanation of results of experiment
  2. objectivity
    you cant go into hypothesis and only use the data that supports your hypothesis
  3. matter
    anything that has mass and takes up space
  4. element
    cannot be broken down any further into another substance; building block of all substances
  5. atom
    smallest particle of an element that still has the same properties of the element
  6. molecule
    particle composed of 2 or more atoms H2
  7. composition
    substance where atoms are in certain ratios to make the substance 2H + O
  8. chemical property
    substance that can observed w/ a change in its composition
  9. physical property
    substance that can observed w/o a change in its composition
  10. chemical change
    changing substance into another substance - gas -> CO2 + H2O
  11. physical change
    change in sample that does not change its composition (color)
  12. temperature
    measures the average kinetic energy of molecules- not a measurement of heat
  13. accuracy
    how close you are to a known (correct) value
  14. Precision
  15. Pure substance
    fixed composition; uniform throughout
  16. mixture
    no fixed composition
  17. compound
    combination of 2 or more elements H2O
  18. Homogeneous Mixture
    mixture uniform throughout - salt water
  19. heterogeneous Mixture
    mixture that is not uniform- Italian salad dressing
  20. mass
    amount of inertia a substance has
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Chem quiz ch 1
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