1. organic
    chemicals that include both carbon and hydrogen atems
  2. inorganic
    not organic, usually disolve in water and dissociate to release ions, they are electrolytes.
  3. organic componds
    also dissolve in water, more likely to dissolve in ether or alcohol. non electrolyltes
  4. ionic bond
    oppositely charged ions attract. (salt crystals)
  5. covalent bond
    chemical bond between the atams that share electrons.
  6. hydrogen bond
  7. ph scale
    measures hydrogen ion concentration
  8. ph scale
    ranges from 0 to 14.
  9. acidic
    a solution that contains more hydrogen ions than hydroxide ions has a ph less than 7.0.
  10. basic (alkaline)
    a solution with fewer hydrogen ions than hydroxide ions has a pH greater 7.0
  11. neutral
    a solution with a pH of 7.0. equal number of hydrogen and hydroxide ions .
  12. matter
    anything that has weight and takes up space.
  13. major elements of the human body
    oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, caalcium
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