B717 Systems

  1. The Engine Start Valve Closes when
    N2 reaches 39%
  2. B717 Engine Type
    Rolls Royce BR 715-A1 High-Bypass Turbo Fan
  3. B717 Engine Thrust Rating
    18,500 Pounds
  4. Ignition Switch "AUTO"
    • One of 2 ignition units energized
    • Auto Start and Auto Abort functions operational during start
  5. Ignition Switch "ON"
    • Both ignition units are energized during start
    • Auto Start and Auto Abort function disabled
  6. In Flight, Both Igniter Units are Energized if
    • The Engine Flames Out or
    • Water is detected in the N2 Compressor
  7. Engine Start is Automatically Aborted if
    • Fuel On conditions are NOT satisfied
    • Hung Start - 12% N1, N2 Stagnates, TGT Rises
    • Starter Cutout Speed NOT reached in 3 Minutes
    • Hot Start
    • Loss of Valid N2 Signal
  8. Maximum Tailwind for Engine Start
    • 30 Knots
    • In Tailwind Conditions Greater than 10 Knots, N1 rotation may be reversed
  9. Discontinue Start if TGT does NOT rise within
    10 Seconds after Fuel Flow Indication
  10. Minimum Starter Air Pressure for Engine Start
    32 PSIG
  11. Maximum Starter Air Pressure for Engine Start
    43 PSIG
  12. During Engine Start, N1 Indication Occurs at Approximately
    26% N2
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B717 Systems
B717 Systems