MS lecture 2

  1. Therapy that that takes the place of traditional treatment
    Alternative medicine
  2. Therapy that works together with traditional treatment
    Complimentary medicine. ex) massage with pain medication
  3. Cam therapy that involves traditional chinese medicine, Native American/American indian medicine, homeotherapy.
    Systems of health care
  4. Cam therapy that involves imagery, medication, music, journaling, humor, biofeedback, yoga, prayer
    Body-mind therapies
  5. Cam therapy that involves chiropractice treatment, massage, folfing, light/color therapies, hydrotherapy, tai chi
    Manipulative and body-baised therapies
  6. Cam therapy that involves Herbs, aromatherapy, special diets, nutritional/food supplememnts
    Biologically based therapies
  7. Cam therapy that involves healing touch, theraputic touch, Reiki, external Qigong, magnents
    Energy therapies
  8. Low levels of o2 in blood
  9. Decreased tissue oxygenation
  10. What is the % of o2 in content in room air?
  11. Why is it important to keep fire away from o2
    becuase of o2 combustion
  12. This is caused when a pt is administered to much o2 whose main drive to breath is hypoxia. They have had elevated co2 levels making the chemoreceptors to not respond for normal breathing
    O2 induced hypoventilation.
  13. An o2 level greater than _% given continuously for more than _ to _ hrs may damge the lungs
    50 %, 24 t0 48 hours.
  14. an o2 hazard that can happen when high levels of o2 are delivered and causing nitrogen to be diluted causing the aveoli to collapse
    absorption atelectasis.
  15. acronym used for "Marker conditions" that can lead to longer hospital stays especially for older adults
    • SPICES
    • Sleep disorders, problems with eating/feeding, incontinence, confusion, evidence of falls, skin breakdown.
  16. Older people are usually malnurished of what nutrient?
  17. Older patients are at risk for polypharmacy. What does this meen?
    Multiple drugs that the person takes form various doctors puttin the pt at risk for AEDs (adverse drug events)
  18. What policy is essential when health care providers prescribe drugs for older adults?
    "Start low and go slow"
  19. What is a good indicator of an older person risk of falling.
    An older who has fallen recently or has a history of falls.
  20. Humidification is added to o2 when the nurse is administering over _ L of o2?
    4 L
  21. Why is humidification added to o2?
    To help and prevent the frying of the pt's mucous membranes
  22. Used to identify hemoglobin stauration using a wave of infared light indicated by Spo2 or Sao2
    Pulse oximetry
  23. what is the expected ( normal) range pulse ox Sao2?
  24. Sa o2 values lower than what % are an emergency and require immediate assessment and treatment.?
    91 %
  25. an Sao2 level that is less that what % is and emergency because of the bodies tissue having a difficult time receiving o2?
  26. An Sa02 level of below what % is life threatening?
  27. a low flow o2 delivery stytem that is often used for pt that need long term o2 therapy or that have a chronic lung disease that such as COPD.
    Nasal cannula
  28. What is the flow rate for a nasal cannula?
    1-6 L/min
  29. a low flow o2 delivery system that is used to deliver o2 concentrations of 40-60% for short term o2 therapy or in an emergency
    Simple face mask
  30. What is the flow rate for a simple face mask?
    5-8 L/min
  31. Low flow o2 delivery system that delivers o2 in concentrations between 60-75%. It is a mask with a reservoir bag but no flaps.
    Partial rebreather mask
  32. What is the flow rate for a partial rebreather mask
    6 to 11 L/min
  33. a low flow o2 system that provides the highest o2 amount at 90%
    non-rebreather mask
  34. What is the minimum flow rate for a non-rebreather mask?
    10-15 L/minute
  35. High flow o2 delivery system that delivers the most precise amount of o2 concentration and provides high humidity.
    Venturi mask
  36. what is the flow rate of a venturi mask?
    4-10 L/min
  37. What is the min flow rate of an aerosol mask, face tent, tracheostomy collar and T-piece?
  38. What are high flow o2 delivery systmes that provide 24-100% Fio2 as well as high humidity
    Aerosal mask, face tent, tracheostomy collar and T piece
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