Word Smart 3

  1. Abdicate
    To step down from position of power or responsibility
  2. Abnegate
    to deny oneself of things; to reject; to renounce
  3. bastion
    Stronghold; fortress; fortified place
  4. belie
    to give a false impression of; to contradict
  5. cajole
    to persuade someone to do something he or she doesn't want to do
  6. capitulate
    to surrender; to give up or give in
  7. debacle
    violent breakdown; sudden overthrow; overwhelming defeat
  8. decimate
    to kill or destroy a large part of
  9. eclectic
    choosing the best from many sources; drawn from many sources
  10. egocentric
    selfish; believing that one is the center of everything
  11. facile
    fluent; skillful in a superficial way; easy
  12. glut
    surplus; an overabundance
  13. harbinger
    a forerunner; a signal of
  14. idiosyncrasy
    a peculiarity; an eccentricity
  15. kinetic
    having to do with motion; lively; active
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