1. astrological
    related to the stars
  2. divination
    telling the future by finding patterns in physical objects
  3. haunt
    to continually appear (as a ghost) in the same place
  4. horror
    strong fear mixed w/ disgust
  5. intermediary
    a go-between
  6. invoke
    to call on for support
  7. meditate
    to think quietly & deeply
  8. phantom
    a dimly visible form; often the spirit of a dead person
  9. psychic
    relating to the mind's ability to sense things that can't be observed
  10. self-perpetuating
    having the power to renew oneself forever
  11. assimilate
    to become similar
  12. cremation
    the act of burning the dead
  13. domesticate
    to make something suitable for being in a home
  14. folklore
    traditional myths of a people transmitted orally
  15. fossilize
    to become rigid or stuck in old ways
  16. relic
    something left from a long-ago culture
  17. rite
    a ceremony for a certain purpose
  18. ritually
    as part of a traditional ceremony or habit
  19. saga
    a long story about important events long ago
  20. vestige
    a visible trace that something once existed
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