1. Where is ASDS panel located?
    EFT, 3rd floor
  2. What abnormal condition is assumed to exist simultaneously with a Control Room fire?
    Loss of offsite power
  3. Why is mode switch left in Run when transferring to ASDS during a control room fire?
    To keep the <= 840# Group 1 isolation in, so the MSIVs will close
  4. What is the designed safe shutdown requirement of cladding heatup?
  5. What is the designed safe shutdown requirement of system pressure?
    Tech Spec safety limit of 1332#
  6. What is the designed safe shutdown requirement of primary containment pressure and temperature?
    • Pressure <62#
    • Temperature based on graphs
  7. What are the performance goals for safe shutdown?
    • Reactor shutdown
    • Maintain coolant inventory
    • Overpressure protection
    • Decay heat removal
  8. What is the site specific design time requirement for the operator actions associated with ASDS?
    Operator action time - for evaluation purposes, transfer of control to the ASDS panel and manual operation of ASDS is assumed to occur 10 minutes after the initiating event.
  9. When you take the ASDS Master Transfer switch to "transfer" what outplant equipment can you operate from C-292?
    • Outboard MSIVs
    • Rod Insertion Dump Air Header

    Also, energizes other ASDS transfer switches
  10. What does annunciator 5-B-54 indicate?
    ASDS Transfer switch in Transfer


    Loss of AC or DC power to C-292
  11. What are the solenoid power supplies to the outboard MSIVs?
    • Y80
    • D21
  12. Where is the ASDS relay panel, C-293?
    • Upper 4KV
    • Behind the bus 12 switchgear
  13. What SRVs are operable from ASDS?
    SRVs E, F, G, and H
  14. What is required for Low-Low Set to function?
    • Scram signal (seen from relay)
    • Actuation pressure
    • Switch in Auto
  15. What are the two shutdown functions SRVs serve at the ASDS panel?
    Manual actuation of at least 2 SRVs for depressurization

    Operation of at least 1 SRV for decay heat removal
  16. What will the condition of Lo-Lo set be if Div II Lo-Lo set bypass at C-253D is in Bypass, with the following switch positions:
    Master transfer switch in Transfer
    SRV Div II transfer switch in Transfer
    Lo-Lo set will NOT be bypassed because the bypass is over-ridden by the ASDS panel
  17. What ventilation component is operable from ASDS, and what is it used for?
    • V-AC-4
    • Used for Div II RHR room cooling
  18. What will be the response of the Core Spray system with the following conditions while operating from ASDS:
    RPV pressure = 500#
    CS outboard = Open
    Drywell pressure = 1.84#
    Operator takes CS inboard to Open
    • Normally, an interlock prevents opening both CS I/O valves above 420#.
    • However, interlocks associated with 12 CS are over-ridden when transferred to ASDS.
    • Therefore, when CS inboard taken to Open, the valve will Open. 12 CS pump will be running. CS will NOT be injecting.
  19. When operating from ASDS, what is the power supply for:

    Operation of Div II CS valves?
    Div II CS valve logic?
    • MCC-143 operates valves
    • Y80 provides logic (when operating from ASDS)
  20. How does the RHR suction valve interlock function when operating from ASDS?
    The suction valve interlock is over-ridden when operation is transferred to ASDS.
  21. What will the status of RHR room cooling be when operating from ASDS with the following switch lineup:
    Master transfer switch in Transfer
    RHR transfer switch in Transfer
    V-AC-4 switch in On
    • RHR room cooling via V-AC-4 will NOT be in operation.
    • The CS transfer switch must be in Transfer to energize the V-AC-4 switch.
  22. How will the ECCS load sequence timing work following a 12 EDG transfer load shed?
    On an ECCS signal, the ECCS pump load sequencing timers will NOT function.
  23. With an ECCS signal, when operating from ASDS, and 12 EDG is now supplying Bus 16, what is the timing sequence for ECCS pump loading onto Bus 16?
    No loads are automatically applied to the 12 EDG.
  24. At the ASDS panel, what do the following Scram Air Header (Rod Insertion) lights indicate:
    Red light?
    Amber light?
    • Red: Rod insertion switch activated
    • Amber: <30# in scram air header
  25. How is operation of 12 ESW pump transferred to the ASDS panel?
    • Manually with the RHR transfer switch
    • Automatically with high temperature of 12 EDG
  26. What can be operated from ASDS when the Master transfer switch is NOT in Transfer?
    • The only system components operable from ASDS when not operating from ASDS are:
    • Hard Pipe Vent
    • 12 ESW when it was auto transferred
  27. What mode is the definition of "Safe Shutdown?"
    Mode 3, Hot Shutdown
  28. Per Tech Spec, is the Master Transfer switch required to be Operable for the ASDS to be considered Operable?
    • Yes
    • Though not specifically listed in Table, the LOC section of the Bases states "The ASDS panel transfer switch is also required to be Operable."
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