Asepsis Test Review

  1. List six links of the chain of the infection.
    1.The infectious agent, 2. The reservoir host, 3. The portal of exit, 4. The route of transmission, 5.The portal of entry, 6.The susceptible host
  2. Name two ways to interrupt the chain of infection
    1.asepsis & hygiene, 2.control portal of exit
  3. Name two types of patients that are at high risk for infection
    1.cancer, 2. Aids
  4. Whose responsibility is it to break the chain of infection
    All health care providers
  5. What is the most common mode of transmission of pathogens
  6. Name two reasons that have been self-reported for poor adherence with hand hygiene
    1.drying of hands, 2. Too busy
  7. Do alcohol-based hand rubs reduce the time needed for hand disinfection
  8. What is the minimum length of time for which hands should be rubbed together with soap and water during hand washing
    15 sec
  9. What should be used to turn the faucet on and off during hand washing
    A dry paper towel
  10. Which direction should fingertips be pointed during the rinsing step of hand washing
    Down ward
  11. Name 4 types of personal protective equipment that an employer must provide
    Gloves, gown, masks, goggles/face shield
  12. When must standard precaution be used
    In any situation involving the patient
  13. When must gloves be worn?
    Where there is any contact with the patient
  14. Which parts of gown, gloves, and masks are considered contaminated
    The inside
  15. What is the proper sequence for donning and removing personal protective equipment
    Gloves, gown, mask
  16. To properly remove a glove or gown, you must only touch the ____
  17. What part of the sterile field or tray is considered contaminated
    2 in boarder
  18. What should you do if you suspect an article is contaminated
    Start over
  19. What should you do if you spill solution on a sterile field
    Clean field and start over
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