PH lecture 1

  1. What the drug is approved to treat.
  2. Drug classification by telling what is being treated by the drug.
    Theraputic classification
  3. Drug classification that tells how the drug acts
    Pharmacologic classification.
  4. Anitcoagulants, antihypertensives, antianginals are an example of what type of drug classification?
  5. Diuretic, calcium channel blocker and vasodilator are examples of what type of classification?
  6. agent to which all other drugs are compared and is often the first medication developed in a classification.
    Prototype drug
  7. What are the three type of drug names
    Chemical, generic, and brand/trade name.
  8. Rate to which the active ingredient is absorbed and becomes available at the site of action to produce its effects.
  9. What does Sig mean on a prescription?
    How to take the medication. ex) 1 q.i.d.
  10. What abreviation is used on a perscription that tells how many tabs/bottles/mls/etc to dispense to the patient?
  11. Drugs with high potential for dependence or abuse
    Scheduled drugs
  12. When should documentation be completed when giving meds to a pt?
    As soon as the medicatino is administered.
  13. Route of administration that gives drugs through a needle into the skin layers
    parenteral route.
  14. Where are most extended release tablets absorbed?
    small intestine
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